A Guide For Choosing the Best Catch Connect Mobile Phone Plan

If wanting a new prepaid mobile phone service, look no further. Catch Connect offers various SIM-only prepaid mobile plans on different expiry periods, suitable for all individual needs.

Who Is Catch Connect?

Catch Connect, powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, was launched in 2018 and offers similar coverage and speeds to an Optus mobile plan

The SIM-only mobile service provider supplies 3G and 4G coverage to assist 98.5% of Australia's population, including those in the most rural areas.

What Does Catch Connect Offer?

It offers 30-day, 90-day or 365-day prepaid mobile plans, including no lock-in contracts, unlimited standard national talk and text, international talk and text, and data add-ons. All plans are reasonably priced and supply competitive amounts of data compared to other Australian SIM providers.

Best Suited Prepaid Mobile Plans

There's no need to overspend on steep data costs or spend cash on data that is unlikely to be used with Catch Connect. The mobile service provider offers prepaid mobile plans suitable for all mobile habits.

30-Day Prepaid Mobile Plans

Two plans operate on Catch Connects 30-day expiry plans. However, Catch Connect offers fantastic data add-on deals, whether abroad or at home, if needing a little more

The 30-day prepaid mobile plans include:

• 4GB of data for $10 and unlimited standard national calls and texts.

• 18GB of data for $15; therefore, 1GB of data only costs $1! The prepaid mobile plan also applies unlimited standard national calls and texts.

90-Day Prepaid Mobile Plans

If you want to commit to a full year to save time and money, the 365-day prepaid mobile plans are ideal.

Here's what the 365-day prepaid mobile plans have to offer:

200GB and unlimited national calls and texts for $200 – 1GB of data is worth $1 for the year! The prepaid mobile phone plan also includes unlimited national talk and text.

120GB and unlimited standard calls and texts for $120 – so, again, 1GB is only worth $1 for the year! Once the first 365 days are up, it will cost $150 for 120GB. Unlimited national calls and texts are also included.

• 85GB for $89. However, once the first 365-days are up, it will cost $120 to keep the plan running. New customers will be supplied with an extra 25GB when signing up and unlimited national calls and texts throughout the year.

Note: Catch Connect doesn't supply 5G coverage because the Optus 5G Network is only available to postpaid mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). Instead, it solely focuses on everyday users needing a fast and steady connection at low budget costs.

How to Activate Catch Connect

When signing up for a Catch Connect prepaid mobile phone plan keeping a credit card on file for security purposes is vital.

Once receiving a Catch Connect SIM card, it needs to be activated within 30 days to access its benefits, including promotions and advertised inclusions.

The SIM can easily be activated online, using a valid Australian credit or debit card. Once the service is activated, auto-recharge automatically reoccurs.

However, by using the Catch Connect app or logging into Catch Connect's website, auto-recharge can be easily managed to ensure no unwanted data costs or ongoing billing cycles occur.

Popular Questions Asked

What network is catch connect?

Catch Connect uses the Optus network.

Does catch connect have 5G?

Catch connect is powered by the Optus 3G and 4G mobile network, which covers 98.5% of the Australian population.

How do I recharge my catch SIM?

You can simply choose the Auto Recharge option, or you can recharge your service manually via the Catch Connect App or login to your Catch Connect dashboard online.