Download the Catch Connect App - Straightforward Features for Tech Novices

Catch Connect takes pride in understanding not everyone is tech-savvy; thus, the prepaid mobile phone service provider ensures its mobile app is straightforward to navigate and use.

Reasons for Downloading the Catch Connect App

If you are a Catch Connect member, it’s critical to download the Catch Connect mobile app to get the most out of the service. Via the app, you can activate your Catch Connect SIM, check your mobile phone usage, top-up your data, add international extras, switch plans, view your transaction history, manage payment information and access online help and support.

Here are 7 key reasons for downloading the Catch Connect app:

Activate Your SIM

When joining Catch Connect for the first time, your prepaid SIM will need to activate. You can activate your SIM on either the app or website, but we recommend using the app for effortless assistance.

Firstly, activate your Catch Connect SIM by answering all questions required before redirection to the ‘Activate new SIM’ page. Then, scan your SIM’s barcode by pressing the ‘Scan using camera’ button shown on the application. Your mobile device should be ready to use within 15 minutes, providing you have activated the SIM within 30 days of purchase

Track Your Data

The bonus of having a prepaid mobile phone plan is not facing unwanted data charges and other unwanted bills. However, it’s still important to keep track of your allowance to

Catch Connect’s app feature ‘Track Data’ helps prevent forking out for extra data before the end of your budget by allowing you to keep a close eye on your allowance. It shows how much data is left until your expiry date and highlights when your data will expire.

The feature also gives you the opportunity to AutoRecharge your allowance if necessary.

Top-Up Your Allowance

Your Pay as You Go SIM will automatically disconnect once the plan's allowance is up. Luckily, gone are the days of having to go into a supermarket or store with a top-up card to update your mobile phone balance. Instead, simply top-up your allowance via the Catch Connect app and use your mobile device however you wish.

You can easily top up your allowance via the Catch Connect app by clicking on the button ‘Add-ons’ at the top of the home screen - whether in need of data extras, international extras or catch bonuses.

The feature shows a line graph of how much data is left so you can keep track of your allowance. A 'Buy more' button is also visible underneath all line graphs, tracking your mobile phone usage and making topping up a super easy process.

The 'Add-ons' page also shows which data plan you opted for, alongside how much you spent on your prepaid plan.

Check Transaction History

Having a transaction history helps to manage finances better in the long run. For example, the feature assists you in remembering which plans you opted for in the past, helping you decide on whether you want to stick with that plan or pick a cheaper one with fewer benefits due to either overspending or underspending.

The transaction history feature also shows when your payment has been successful and your prepaid SIM is ready to use, thanks to having a 'Complete' button that lights up green once a transaction has gone through.

Switch Your Plan

Catch Connect allows users to switch plans, even if data is left over. Upgrading or downgrading mobile phone plans has never been easier.

Surpassingly, the app lets you pick how much data you would like and the cost you are willing to spend before recommending suggested plans based on personal requirements. When switching through the suggested plans, click the button ‘Change to this’ shown on the bottom of the screen. Catch Connect will switch all unused data to your new mobile plan that should be available to use within 15 minutes of purchase.

Manage Payment Method

The Catch Connect app will store your payment details when signing up for the first time, so you can easily update your plan or switch to a new one without tediously filling in your banking information all over again.

Nevertheless, if you want to change your bank card for billing, type in your other card details and store it on the ‘Stored cards’ page on the app for extra convenience and speedy purchases.

Online Help and Support

Despite Catch Connect covering all services on its app, it offers a help and support section for those in need.

You can quickly contact a Catch Connect support member via the app between 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM on the weekdays and 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM on the weekends and public holidays.