All Black Everything - How Activated Charcoal Is Changing The Game

We’ve seen our fair share of out-there and wacky trends in beauty treatments and products. Some of them are really good and some.. not so much. We’ve found one of the good ones however, and we want to tell you all about it.

Activated Charcoal

So how can looking like you’ve been operating a 19th century coal powered locomotive be beneficial for the health of your skin and teeth? Well we did some research for you and the science checks out. Activated charcoal has the unique properties to attract dirt and oil and eventually, get rid of them from your body - making charcoal a wise option as a primary ingredient in beauty products.

We’ve scrounged our inventory and found 4 activated charcoal must-haves to add to your beauty arsenal.

1. Noir Activated Teeth Whitening Charcoal

Ever since the charcoal trend washed away other fads, people have started using charcoal to brighten up their smiles, au naturale. One of the most popular dental hygiene brands offering teeth whitening, Noir has incorporated activated charcoal in their new range of dental products. By binding to tooth-staining elements, this amazing product not only promotes natural whitening of teeth, but also freshens bad breath.

Replacing expensive teeth whitening kits that contain chemicals like bleach, Noir sets itself apart by offering a unique product that covers both beauty and hygiene. Hundreds of people who bought this product ‘absolutely love it’ and notice a huge difference when they regularly use it.

2. Beauty Formulas Activated Charcoal Facial Scrub

We bet you never thought your facial scrub could ever be black. Beauty Formulas have come out with a range of products using activated charcoal in their facial scrub blended with micro ground apricot seeds. The perfect combination of these two natural ingredients make the ultimate facial scrub - thanks to charcoal’s ability to absorb impurities and apricot seeds that encourage exfoliation of the skin. This facial scrub will help remove tough blackheads as well as unblock pores, giving your skin the ultimate fresh look.

3. Beauty Formulas Activated Charcoal Detox Facial Wipes

True to its name, Beauty Formulas have formulated facial wipes with - you guessed it - activated charcoal. The fact that its highly absorbent and porous makes it the perfect ingredient to help get rid of any build-up of unwanted oil or other impurities in your skin.

Ready to carry anywhere, these wipes come especially handy in long commutes, a sweaty day spent in the sun or travels abroad. The best part about using these wipes is the refreshed feeling you get after. These activated charcoal facial wipes are perfect to get your face the ultimate detox after a long day in the city.

4. H2B Charcoal Shampoo

Hours and hours of searching and wondering have shown us several articles that claim charcoal shampoos are the real heroes of the activated charcoal beauty world. Since these products help attract impurities, dirt and even product buildup, charcoal shampoo is a perfect cleanser for both hair and scalp. Our favourite pick is the H2B Charcoal Shampoo that contains a special ingredient, called bamboo charcoal, that helps make hair smooth and silky - absolutely Instagram-ready.

Be it in a teeth whitener, facial scrub, shampoo or even facial wipes, activated charcoal isn’t going anywhere. So come and join us in charcoal covered bliss at the home of beauty - 100% online, right here at Catch.

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