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Catch Connect is home to some of the BEST mobile deals in Australia right now. Our massive range of high value prepaid & data plans includes 30 Day options, 90 Day options, 365 Day options and data-only plans.

Catch Connect is THE place for phone plans for those on a budget.

With Catch Connect plans, what you see is what you get. There are no sneaky hidden fees that get added on to your phone bill. No lock-in contracts that force you to pay the remainder if you want to leave. You can even port your number over from your existing service provider!

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When we say no hidden fees, we mean no hidden fees! You pay upfront for your plan and it automatically recharges at the end of the billing period, unless otherwise specified. No nasty surprises when you get your phone bill, and a hassle-free experience is what makes Catch Connect the best in the business.

With other service providers, you can get sucked into hidden fees like late payment fees, paper bill fees, number porting fees and loads more that might sting come bill time. But when you sign with Catch Connect, you can rest easy. No hidden fees, No lock-in contracts and loads more are waiting for you when you sign with Catch Connect!

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