Get Cheap Texts & Calls to Pakistan | Catch Connect Extras

Mobile phones are easily the most convenient way to reach someone, and nothing is quite as simple or quick as ringing someone up.

However, when it comes to international calls, phone companies can leave you with a hefty bill that customers have no choice but to pay. Whether you have family, friends, colleagues or clients in Pakistan, you’ll inevitably want to make a call or text abroad eventually.

Fortunately, there is a way to find low rates and contact people abroad without spending a fortune. Let’s discuss if and how unlimited calls to Pakistan can be affordable for you.

Why International Calls Are Expensive

If you’re unfamiliar with how network operators do business, it may seem strange that companies can offer unlimited national calls, but as soon as it comes to international talk time, the prices skyrocket.

There is a method to this madness.

When you make a call abroad, a telecom provider within that country also has to process your call. To do this, your service provider will have an agreement with the foreign country’s operator, where your chosen provider will be charged.

Since there is a lack of competition, telecom giants abroad can charge premium rates for processing a call. Furthermore, since your network operator wants to make a profit, they won't be kind enough to pay for these, and you’ll foot the bill.

Thus, the charges get passed down to you—the consumer. While the reason for high prices seems ridiculous, for a long time there were practically no other options to choose from.

However, while international calls may be inevitable, the internet can connect people miles away at a fraction of the cost. Network carriers are starting to catch on, and while calls and messages abroad are still costly, providers are beginning to change their tune in order to still catch some market share from Facebook and Whatsapp.

Unlimited Calls to Pakistan: How to Get Cheap Texts and Calls to Pakistan?

For now, the best way to make affordable phone calls to Pakistan, or many other countries, is by taking advantage of many addons and extras companies offer. Here is an overview of our Catch Connect international phone plans, one of the leading service providers in the 2022 market.

Catch Connect

Catch Connect is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator—MVNO for short—operating on the Optus network.

We offer cost-efficient SIM-only plans which can charge you monthly, every 90 days, or yearly.

While there are several of our plans to choose from, none include international calls as a feature. However, at Catch Connect we do offer add-ons that can provide additional services not initially included in the plan you’ve purchased.

Considering Catch Connects low prices, the plans and addons together still provide an affordable solution to those looking to make calls overseas.

International Call and SMS Packs

Which addon you’ll need basically depends on the destination of your calls. Customers in Pakistan can therefore purchase International Extras or Catch Extras. .

You can easily buy either one through the Catch Connect App or by logging into your Catch Connect dashboard online. You should, however, keep in mind that these add-ons are not available for data-only plans.

Catch Extras

A Catch Extras plan is provided for a $15 fee. The credit purchased will expire in 14 days, and in case you purchase additional Catch Extras credit during this period, the leftover amount will be forfeited.

At the same time, the International Extras pack allows you to call and message only certain locations, Catch Extras let you connect with a lot more places. The rates at which you’re charged depend on the country you’re contacting.

International Extras

With the International Extras pack, you get an unlimited amount of SMS and MMS to 32 destinations, including Pakistan.

For $5, you get 100 minutes of talk time to these 32 international locations. If you pay $10 that amount gets bumped up to 300 minutes.

This pack expires after 30 days. You can purchase a new pack before your current International extras expire and all your unused credit will roll over—up to 500 minutes.

Because Pakistan is included in the list of countries you can reach with this pack, you may not need the Catch Extras. However, if you’d like to contact destinations other than the 32 predetermined by Catch—consider the other addon.

Make Unlimited Calls to Pakistan: FAQs

How can I call Pakistan for free?

While nothing is truly free of cost, one way to call someone in Pakistan from Australia without incurring any extra fees is with the use of VoIP—Voice over IP—applications.

These are software apps you can install onto your smartphone and through which you can make telephone calls. Using these apps does have a few requirements. The person you’re calling must have the same app installed, and you both need to have a stable internet connection. Chances are, you’ve already used a VoIP such as Skype, Viber, or WhatsApp.

Which country uses the +92 Code?

The Pakistan country code is 92. To make a call from Australia to Pakistan, you’ll need to enter +92 before the phone number. Alternatively, you can use the exit code 0011 and dial 001192 before the telephone number.

Can I make an international call on my catch cell phone?

Within Australia, Catch Connect offers SIM-only plans with unlimited calls and SMS. But, it doesn’t allow you to make calls abroad. You can, however, purchase an addon that will give you international talk time, SMS, and MMS.

Depending on the country you’d like to have available, you can purchase the International Extras pack or the Catch Extras pack.