How to Choose a Mobile Phone Plan | Step-By-Step Guide

By the end of 2021, nearly a third of Australian citizens—29% to be precise—reported being dissatisfied with their mobile plan. This comes as a surprise because those same Aussies spend $252 annually on a phone contract they’re not happy with.

Sound familiar?

Don’t stress, if you’re worried about joining this statistic or maybe are already trying to find a better plan, this article is for you.

Our step-by-step guide on how to choose a mobile phone plan in Australia will make sure you avoid any inconveniences.

About Australian Mobile Phone Plans

To get the best mobile plan in Australia, you first want to look at all your options.

- Phone Plans: This plan comes when you buy a new phone or a handset, and includes the standard usage service. These phone plans usually have a 24 or 36 months repayment.

SIM Only Plans: One of the most used options in the past decades is the SIM-only plan—you have a phone, and you only pay for the services monthly. In other words, you spend as much as you paid for.

- Prepaid Plans: This mobile plan is the most popular in Australia today. Similar to the SIM-only plan, with a prepaid plan you also get a phone, only here, you pay for the services in advance. Usually, prepaid plans come with favourable packages for Australians, like unlimited phone calls and messages, and cellular data.

Let’s look at some of the tips that can simplify your decision-making process when it comes to choosing between these main options.

How to Choose a Mobile Phone Plan: Top Tips for Australians

Getting a mobile phone plan requires a detailed assessment of several crucial factors.

Evaluate Your Bills

Evaluating your bills may be the main factor that determines whether you opt for a SIM-only contract or a prepaid plan.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is go through your bills and ask yourself questions like these:

- How big have your phone bills been over the past 3 months?

- How much will you need the phone down the line?

- Do you spend too much time talking on the phone or do you need it for a few minutes during the day?

All these answers can lead you closer to choosing a better plan for you.

If you make lots of phone calls or are a student who has to keep in touch with their loved ones in other parts of the country or world, a prepaid contract is a far more affordable option than a SIM-only plan.

You can also explore prepaid mobile packages that offer extracellular data if this is what you plan on using your device more for.

If you need to use a phone only temporarily or for more texting and contact purposes, a SIM-only plan is the better of two option

Even though the benefits of a prepaid mobile plan usually outdoes that of a SIM-only—if you don’t truly need them, you’re paying extra for no reason.

Lastly, you can also contact phone plan representatives who can walk you through the entire process and benefits of using each plan they offer.

And whatever you do, make sure to always read the contract—twice—before signing it and don’t hesitate to ask for more data or minutes if a competitor is offering that. A good mobile provider will often match them to bring you on as a customer.

Buying a Phone

Buying a phone can be part of your mobile phone contract, or come on its own. However, having a phone is of course necessary to use your mobile phone plan in the first place, so you’ll want to investigate how to do this in the most affordable and suitable way for you.

Other aspects you should note in this regard include:

- Network coverage: always check if your provider covers where you live and work.

- Contract length: Always check if the length of the contract fits your needs.

- Phone Costs: Ensure the advertised costs include the phone itself when getting a new phone on a plan.

- Minimum total cost: Make sure you'll pay a minimum over the length of the contract.

- Data: Don't sign anything if the offered data doesn't cover your needs. Extra data will cost you a fortune.

You can also explore prepaid mobile packages that offer extracellular data if this is what you plan on using your device more for.

- International calls, text, and roaming: If you need the phone to make phone calls outside Australia, check if there are special overseas offer packages. Also, make sure you read the roaming charges twice.

All Bonuses Check

The first thing that catches the user’s attention when signing a new phone contract is the perks that come with it. Such can include limitless phone calls and messages, free cellular data and many more

But, there may be other benefits to consider here, like gifts, bonuses, and discounts.

Speak with a Catch Connect team member today to see what bonuses are available with your future purchase.

Discuss the Options with Real Users

Getting a new phone or a contract plan is made easier by the fact that everybody has a phone. Because everyone uses phones these days, as well as different phone plans, you can already discuss your viable options and get real-time answers rather than browsing through forums. Why not check out what our Catch Connect customers had to say in our reviews section.

Discussing your options with friends is a great way to get an honest opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of any phone plan they are using. Also, what made your friends choose to sign that particular deal? Was it the benefits, the credibility of the company, or else?

Once you find the answers to all these questions, go over all options that fit your budget, and choose the one that works the best. Don't rush to conclusions, or sign contracts so easily, because most Aussies do miss out on a better deal, or end up paying more than what they planned for services and perks they don’t need.

To get more help and ask any questions regarding awesome smartphone plans and deals, visit CatchConnect today!