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Catch Connect is the remedy to your current complicated and pricey phone plan. now offers the best value mobile phone plans at prices you won’t believe and at speeds you’ve never seen before - it’s all a reality with Catch Connect, powered by Optus.

We’ve kept it SIMple and brought you amazing savings with no lock-in contracts and no hidden fees! Catch Connect operates a MASSIVE range of super cheap mobile phone deals..

When you join Catch Connect the opportunities are endless... Go month-to-month with one of our 30 day plans and enjoy no lock-in contracts and the ability to opt out at any time. Switch to a 90 day plan and experience more data at less cost, or go 365 and SAVE with our huge variety of yearly plans ! Finally, if you’re after a data-only mobile plan, Catch connect has you covered! Shop our range of mobile data plans and experience Screamin' Good savings right now!

Catch Connect's mobile phone plans make us one of the cheapest mobile phone providers out there, and it’s all made possible through our partnership with Optus. We’ve teamed up with the telco giant to get our customers access to one of the fastest most powerful networks in Australia! With their reliable coverage, speed, and service combined with Catch Connect's Screamin’ Good Deals on mobile phone plans, what’s not to love?


Cheap mobile phone deals from the home of Screamin’ Good Deals!

What makes Catch Connect so great? It’s powered by the Optus 4G Plus mobile network. So, what exactly is it? How does it work?

The Optus 4G Plus network is Optus' fastest mobile network ever - and believe us when we say, it’s FAST. For those out there in the dark on how these mobile networks operate, here’s a brief lesson... Believe it or not, the G in 4G stands for 'generation', so when we say 4G it refers to fourth generation wireless speed, which is faster than 3G and so on... There are massive technological differences between 3G and 4G, but the main takeaway from it is this - 4G is a lot faster.

The Optus 4G plus network is now available in all capital cities and 700 regional towns. This means its reaching 96.5% of Aussies nation-wide. Not too bad at all...

The Optus 4G Plus mobile network operates on different frequencies depending on your location. To better explain this, understand that 4G networks are essentially advanced radio systems. The more digital data that can be sent with these radio signals, the faster and more efficient the network will operate. Optus’ crack team of engineers and programmers have worked tirelessly to build these advanced radio systems, thus creating the 4G Plus network and turning Optus into what they are today.

The infrastructure that makes all of this possible is nothing short of amazing. To reach over 96% of the Aussies nation-wide, Optus has had to build over 6,100 4G mobile base stations. Over 2,200 of which are located in regional areas. These mobile base stations send and receive the radio signals which provide the cell phone coverage. This coverage is dependant on the environment as things like trees, buildings, and land formations can have an effect on the coverage. That’s why Optus have built so many throughout Australia!

The best mobile phone plans online right now!

Here at Catch, we love bringing our customers amazing deals and exclusive products. So once we learned about Optus’ incredible network, we knew we had to get our hands on it and bring it to you, the customer, at our famous prices of course!

Now here we are, giving you exceptional mobile service through cheap mobile phone deals and great value data plans! We have heaps of plans to choose from that are sure to meet anyone's budget or lifestyle. From those looking to save some dollars to those looking for heaps of data, you can bet Catch Connect has it all. Shop our Screamin’ Good mobile phone plans today and SAVE!

Cheap mobile phone plans with all the perks you need from Catch Connect!

One of our bestselling cheap mobile phone deals is the Catch Connect 90 Day Mobile Plan - 54GB . With this 3 month mobile phone plan, you’ll get unlimited standard national talk and text. Just like you get with ALL of Catch Connect's great value mobile phone plans, 54GB of data to last you the 90 day period, and all the other features that make Catch Connect such great value. Things like no hidden fees, no lock-in contracts and powerful international roaming! Your 54GB of data will be available from day 1 and will recharge at the end of the 90 day period.

So, how much does this cost you’re asking? 54GB seems like a truckload of data, Doesn't it? Well, when you commit to a 90 day phone plan, you can grab this great value deal for as little as $89! That’s one of the cheapest mobile phone plans on the market today! There’s never been a better time to stop spending and start saving with Catch Connect - Welcome to the home of Screamin’ Good Deals!