ASICS Golf Shoes: Redefining the Game

The most important part of every golfer’s kit? Shoes.

They’re the real unsung heroes on the green. Be they spiked or studded, proper golf shoes help players maintain balance on the course and in the driving range. While spiked golf shoes give you that added stability on tougher terrain, spikeless golf shoes have a flat outsole consisting of rubber studs in place of spikes - perfect for the driving range and the clubhouse.

ASICS are a trailblazing leader in the sport, creating golf shoes that not only look great, but also feel great and perform beautifully, with the help of some pretty amazing technology. From superb cushioning systems to lightweight materials that last and last, ASICS are a top pick for pro golfers and amateurs alike.

Let’s take a look at how you can pick the right golf shoe for you, and why ASICS are a must-have brand in the arsenal of any golfer.

So, what’s the deal with spiked golf shoes?

Provided the rest of the shoe is properly cared for and is in good shape, spiked golf shoes are known to last longer since the spikes on the bottom can be replaced. These shoes also come in handy when you’re playing on a hilly track with tough angles or on soggy surface in the rain. The plastic claws on the bottom help create traction and help you maintain balance when you swing. In fact, they provide better stability than spikeless shoes that have rubber nubs. Since cleats on spiked golf shoes protrude from the outsole, golfers might notice a slightly elevated feel when walking and addressing the ball. For that ultimate traction on tougher terrains and unfamiliar greens, spiked shoes are the way to go.

Our Pick: ASICS Gel Ace Pro

Spikes not your thing? Try some studs…

Thanks to the lack of spikes, you can put these shoes on at home or at the clubhouse. With their casual design, spikeless shoes offer more comfort. It’s more convenient to walk to the first tee or range in style and start your round with these on. Since these shoes are spikeless, the little rubber studs on the bottom don’t damage floors. These shoes also tend to be lighter, giving you that added comfort throughout your day on the green.

Our Pick: ASICS Gel Preshot Classic

Discover the ASICS difference

What separates ASICS golf shoes from other brands? It’s not just an unmistakable attention to detail - there’s some pretty neat technology involved too.

ASICS spiked golf shoes have interchangeable 7-spike configuration for the ultimate traction. Their Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System helps the feet encounter vertical impact that may go up to 3 to 5 times an athlete’s body weight during heel strike. In fact, the GEL Cushioning System in the heel attenuates this shock, helping the golfer maintain balance on the course. These shoes consist of super-lightweight Synthetic Upper and CMEVA™ midsole. They’re also layered with a double dose of memory foam in the heel collar, which helps to mold to the wearer's foot, creating a truly personalized feel and fit. This innovative technology is called P.H.F.® Collar for Enhanced Fit. Additionally, the ASICS spiked golf shoes have an external heel counter that provides excellent rearfoot stability and balance on the playing surface. With such a radical attention to the little things, it’s no wonder ASICS golf shoes are at the top of the game in today’s market.

ASICS’ spikeless shoes are the more beginner-friendly option, but still pack a punch in stability and durability. These shoes consist of a tough and durable spikeless rubber outsole that provides traction during the swing phase and won’t leave tread marks on the green. Additionally, the waterproof Synthetic Leather Upper helps keep the feet dry when it rains. The floor-friendly build of these kicks lets you seamlessly go from the green to the clubhouse, without worrying about damaging floors. What’s more, ASICS’ cushioning technology and lightweight materials let you feel more comfortable than ever before, during and after the game.

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