ASICS Kinsei: An Unconventional Design For A Conventional Run

'Kinsei' (均勢)

Translation: 'Balance of Power'.

Known worldwide as a leading brand in high performance footwear, ASICS is hugely popular with athletes and beginners alike. The Japanese powerhouse continues to expand its flagship stores in Europe and Australia where they’re synonymous with high quality footwear.

ASICS understands that men and women have different shoe requirements, especially when it comes to running. They’ve perfected their shoe technology over time, creating Gender-Specific Cushioning to make sure they make the perfect pair of running shoes customized to the different needs of men and women.

The boffins at ASICS have discovered that men and women have different gait patterns and lower-limb biomechanics when compared to men. To prevent injury as well as improve performance, comfort and safety, ASICS have implemented a less dense form of cushioning using a material called ‘Solyte’ for their women’s range. This material offers female runners a larger amount of bounce and impact absorption. The ASICS Gel-Kinsei range was one of the first ASICS products to feature Gender-Specific Cushioning.

balance of power

Honestly, we couldn’t find a better description for the ASICS GEL-Kinsei 6 if we tried. They were created with the intention of merging two of the main factors runners look for when deciding on a new pair of shoes - durability and comfort. The Kinsei strives to achieve both of these qualities by creating the highest degree of shock attenuation and stability for the heels. This, along with the Propulsion Trusstic® System combines to provide the ultimate fusion between your feet and your shoes.

The running community has spoken out about the Kinsei and a number of them describing the ASICS Kinsei as ‘one of the most comfortable shoes’ they’ve ever worn. Runners with arthritic ankles have also voiced their support for well… the Kinsei’s support.


Designed for athletes with ‘normal’ sized arches, the Asics Gel Kinsei is made for neutral pronation. The neutral design is known to prevent injuries due to its high amount of cushioning which absorbs shocks that runners might endure. The shoes also have a ComforDry X-40 Sockliner - an advanced feature with anti-microbial properties that provides excellent moisture management by making the shoes highly breathable.

Propulsion Trusstic® Technology

In layman’s terms, the ASICS Propulsion Trusstic System is a plastic resin that has been moulded to custom fit into the middle part of the sole. It provides stability and prevents runners from twisting excessively, prohibiting unnecessary movement. The shape of the Trusstic varies depending on the type of shoe and what sport it’s being used for. For example, a Trusstic used in an ASICS Tennis shoe will vary greatly compared to an ASICS Basketball shoe.


One of the major reasons why people purchase the Kinsei is its unconventional design. The Kinsei features a visible rear foot GEL which is sure to make a statement along with the ComforDry X-40 Sockliner which not only looks great, but provides a sock like fit around the top of your foot that helps restrict unnecessary movement. The Kinsei is also available in vibrant, bright colours such as Island Blue, Pink Glow and Electric Blue to really stand out from the crowd.

Even though the ASICS Kinsei has a substantial price point, runners find investing in these shoes worth every penny. Be it their tailor-made GEL cushioning or how effortlessly the heel fits in the heel cup, the Asics Kinsei are a hit with everyone. Grab your brand new runners now and more Screamin’ Good Deals on ASICS products - right here at the home of sports. Welcome to Catch!