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Nobody loves the holidays more than us. For the Rudolph lovers out there, why not check out the 3D LED Rope Light Standing Reindeer - super easy to plug in and an absolute hit for your fam and the neighbours alike. Grab a couple of these babies and you’ll have yourself Santa’s full repertoire of reindeer!

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We like it massive, festive and extra colourful. There’s no amount of holiday spirit that compares to an entire front lawn and outside of the house decked out in beautiful Christmas lights. What’s more, is you can now be that person at the office that all the Scrooges will groan at. Your workspace can look like a million bucks this festive season with some LED String Lights in Red & Green - grab these mistletoe-inspired beauties right here at Catch!

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Popular Questions Asked

What are the most popular Christmas lights?

Most people love delicate, pretty and enchanting things, and Christmas lights are no exception. Sales worldwide often reflect that we go for mini-lights, or lights that are typically under an inch long that change colours and dance merrily. The smaller lights are also more versatile and can be used in every room of the house, outdoors, hung on the tree or in tight spaces without causing too much hassle. C6 bulbs - which are about the size of strawberries - are also very popular among Aussie Christmas light purchases!

What is the best Christmas light colour?

There’s nothing more synonymous with Christmas than red, green and white lights. Bright white LEDs are some of the most purchased and well-loved Christmas lights that you’ll see in the most dazzling and homely displays, perhaps because they create a snowy, christmas-y vibe. The neutrality of the white LEDs also mean that they slot in beautifully with almost any home’s interior or exterior design, complementing them rather than competing with them.

Which Christmas lights last the longest?

LED Christmas lights will last longer than your typical incandescents and are bought more for this reason. Most professional Christmas light installers will use some form of LED Christmas lights for their displays as they last the longest, are more durable, energy efficient and cheaper. For example, LED Christmas lights will last approximately 7-10 years before needing to be replaced while incandescents will need replacing every 4-6 years.