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We all love a bargain. Some of the best deals come when we buy in bulk. Buying in bulk is especially useful for large families buying groceries or when you’re buying things that won’t go out of date. Families with babies will really appreciate being able to buy bulk amounts of nappies and wipes for their little bundles of joy. All households can save on cleaning products like dishwashing tablets and liquid soap. As for toiletries and everyday essentials, we've got men, women and kids covered with everything from oral care, to shaving and grooming, hair care, skincare and feminine hygiene products. These home essentials are great examples as they can be stored in the cupboard patiently waiting to be used. Bulk purchases aren't only for non-food items, it’s also useful to help stock up on long life pantry items like canned tuna or snacks like nuts and jerky. Seriously; when you do your grocery shopping online with, there'll be no need to step foot inside a packed, overpriced supermarket ever again! Why pay more for the brands you love?

Popular Questions Asked

Why do they call it groceries?

The word groceries originates from the Anglo-French word, groser, which was a person or place who sold food and drink items or produced by the gross - meaning in large quantities and often at cheaper prices. A grocer or groser, in medieval England or France was one such place and the word still lives on today. The food, drink or produce you buy from your grocer is therefore called groceries. Next time you’re down the shop or online buying your favourite foods, think how far we’ve come!

Is it cheaper to buy liquor online?

As with many things, it’s often cheaper to buy liquor online and in bulk. Website’s such as Catch offer liquor at unbeatable prices and deliver straight to your door! Check out the range of liquor available on our website.

What is a master grocery list?

A master grocery list is the reusable grocery list that you use each time for your weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly shop! Usually when you’re preparing a master grocery list for the first time, it’ll contain all the foods, ingredients and household items and necessities you’ll need until the next shop. Over time, you might find that this master grocery list expands slightly to make sure you’re always stocked with your favourite foods and ingredients that you find yourself using over and over in your recipes.