Cadbury Chocolate - The Equivalent of a Glass And a Half Full of Love & Goodness

Cadbury is everyone’s favourite when it comes to chocolate. John Cadbury, founder of this iconic chocolate factory, changed the world after introducing ‘eating chocolate’ in 1849. Since then, Cadbury is the go-to chocolate that we’ve come to know and love. With its origins dating back to the 1800s, it’s no surprise they’re the best chocolate manufacturer in Australia. Willy Wonka, who? Made in Australia with local and imported ingredients, Cadbury ensures 100% of the cocoa used to make a yummy block of Cadbury Milk Chocolate is sustainably sourced, so you can feel good about supporting farmers, their communities and the earth. Find and shop your favourite Cadbury Chocolate at our large online catalogue - we guarantee you’ll start drooling at the first page! Our Cadbury Australia range includes Cadbury Favourites, Caramilk, Easter Eggs, Cherry Ripe, Crunchie, Freddo Frogs & more! Satisfy all the sweet tooths at a party or group event with a box of Cadbury Favourites, which has something for everyone. Indulge in the smooth creaminess of Cadbury Caramilk - it’s so good, it’s hard to stop snacking! Easter is never too early with Cadbury Easter Eggs - dangerously addicting, you and your family will love it. Transport you and your loved ones to a world of sweet, chocolatey richness and shop Cadbury chocolates online NOW, right here at Catch!

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