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Check Out the Kathmandu Outlet

The SALE you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Check out the biggest Kathmandu sale you’ll ever come across here at Catch! We’ve got massive discounts on Kathmandu puffer jackets, sleeping bags, travel essentials and so much more. Whether you’re after winter appropriate clothing or a luggage holdall for your upcoming trip, you’re at the right place. 100% online and delivered straight to your door - welcome to Catch, Australia’s #1 superstore!

Shop Kathmandu Clothing on SALE

Kathmandu is known to have premium quality winter clothing. From outerwear, thermals and base layers, to footwear and accessories, Kathmandu will have you equipped to take on the harshest winter. So if you’ve been wanting to shop for new winter clothing on sale, now’s your chance! Let’s start with the basics. Kathmandu offers a great selection of clothing made of Merino wool, that can be used to layer under thicker jumpers or sweaters. Available in a variety of colours and styles, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something that catches your eye. If it’s not too cold where you are, opt for a light parka or a cardigan. Kathmandu also offers heaps of Quick Dry clothing that feature ventilation panels and Moisture Control System, allowing you to stay comfortable and dry all day. Plus, they’re all heavily discounted. There’s no need to break the bank when you shop the Kathmandu SALE here at Catch!

Buy Kathmandu Puffer Jackets Online

We all know a puffer jacket is a winter wardrobe staple. They’re stylish and versatile and most importantly, they keep you warm and toasty on even the coldest days. Kathmandu has a massive range of puffer jackets for both men and women. They feature Durable Water Repellent finish, where water droplets just roll down the jacket. If you’ve been searching for a jacket for the snow, check out their Styper collection for snow-appropriate clothing. Perhaps you’re on the hunt for a fleece jacket, we’ve got that too. We weren’t kidding when we said we have it all here under one roof. Get your wallets ready because it’s time to shop the Kathmandu SALE online!