Mother's Day 2023 - Find the Perfect Gift for Mum

Make mum feel special this Mother’s Day!

If you ask us, Mother’s Day is one of the most important calendar events of the year. Celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May, Aussies all over the country drop everything to show their appreciation for the mothers, guardians, maternal bonds and important women in their lives.

When is Mother’s Day? How did it all start?

The Australian tradition of Mother’s Day was started by Sydney woman, Janet Heyden, back in 1924. Whilst visiting a friend in a local women’s nursing home, she met many lonely mothers who had either been abandoned or forgotten by their families. Inspired by what she saw, Janet rounded up support from local schools and businesses to donate gifts and quality time, in a move to bring cheer and joy to these women’s lives.

Today, the tradition lives on, the second Sunday of May bringing with it Mother’s Day gifts, well wishes and plenty of love for mums everywhere. But what kind of Mother’s Day gift do you get the woman who seemingly has it all? One thing we can say for sure is that mothers love a good homemade gift. A handmade card, filled with all the reasons you love and appreciate her, and a big old ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’, can’t be beat. And if she sheds a tear or two, you know you’ve done good. But what if you want to show even more appreciation on top of that heart-felt card you crafted for mum? We’re full of ideas, so buckle up and tune in.

What are some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

Why not turn the tables and treat mum to a home-cooked breakfast in bed, complete with French toast and some fresh OJ? If she doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with some classic avo on toast and a coffee - just make sure the avo-toast is fancy and the coffee is freshly-brewed! But you know what would make her the happiest? If you wash all the dishes from the home-cooked brekkie. Let’s be honest, not a single person on this earth likes doing the dishes, but come on, it’s Mother’s Day! You also don’t want to forget a bunch of flowers. Chrysanthemums are often the Mother’s Day bouquet of choice, thanks to their stunning range of colours and seasonal availability. And of course, the word ends in ‘mum’! When it comes to finding practical gifts that’ll get a whole lot of use, gowns and slippers are a no-brainer. Although it’s still autumn during Mother’s Day, we all know winter is just around the corner, which makes cosy roomwear the perfect present! From Ugg Boots in all shapes, sizes and colours, to gowns that’ll make your mum want to sink into the couch and not move for 4 hours, it’s all here at Catch. If you’ve already sunken into your couch and reading this, don’t even worry about getting up to go shopping. Simply browse through our magnificent Mother’s Day Sale online and have gifts for mum delivered straight to your door!

If your mum is a total gym junkie, fuel her passion with stylish activewear or go all-out and transform that spare room into her very own home-gym! If she’s more of a foodie, who’s always tinkering away in the kitchen, pick up some kitchen accessories, or a cookbook by her favourite celebrity chef. And if you live with your mum, it’s a win-win. She gets some awesome gifts, and you get to enjoy the delicious meals your mum will make using those gifts! If you’ve got a little more cash to splash, jewellery is always a winner. And if you choose carefully, it’s something that will last a lifetime. Maybe you want to really treat your mum this year with a gorgeous necklace, bracelet, pendant or ring, but your budget is a little tight. Fortunately, you’ve come across Catch! Gone are the days where some jewellery for your dear mum will cost you an arm and leg. From brands like Tiffany & Co., Samantha Williams, Bevilles, Shiels + so many more, it’s safe to say you’re spoilt for choice.

Shop great Mother’s Day 2023 gift ideas now at Catch! We’ve got everything from Lorna Jane activewear, to Calvin Klein fragrances, and Quay Australia sunnies, minus the inflated Mother’s Day prices you’ll find elsewhere. You can rest assured you’ll be investing in quality, authentic gifts that mum will love. Preparing for Mother’s Day in Australia has never been easier and more affordable. With prices this low and delivery straight to your door, having us bookmarked isn’t such a bad idea! Welcome to Catch - the one-stop-shop for spoiling your mum on this oh so special day.

Popular Questions Asked

Does Mother's Day change every year in Australia?

No, Mother's Day in Australia is celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year.

When is mothers day 2023?

Mother's Day 2023 is on Sunday, May 14th.