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In need of a new household clock but struggling to choose the 'one'? Let us help you out by suggesting some of our hot sellers. If you're looking for a quality living room clock it's hard to go past the ever-popular Antique London Round Clock. This eye catching inside clock combines artistic style with traditional home decor and can really bring any living area to life! On the other hand, if you're looking for something more traditional you can't go past our Traditional Oak Wall Clock by the London Clock Company. This wall clock offers a simplistic and comforting design with the Roman numeral markers on the dial that add to the class of this impeccable timepiece. Whatever design tickles you fancy, the perfect clock for your home is awaiting at our online SALE.

Ever wanted to know more about the early days of clocks? Let us set the scene, it's all the way back in 1656 Europe when the first ever pendulum clock was invented! The pendulum clock remained the most accurate timekeeping device until the early 1930's when atomic clocks were invented just after the technological boom of World War 2. Fast forward to today and our online range of clocks now combine the traditional high-quality functionality with trendy new designs that you will fall in love with. Buy your next clock online today!