In Bowl Cleaner Toilet for LESS

Save BIG on Toilet Bowl Cleaners at Catch

Let’s be definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sure, there may be a very small minority who enjoy brushing, sweeping, vacuuming and scrubbing, and then there’s the rest of us. But it’s gotta be done right?! Cleaning your house not only keeps your indoor environment hygienic and safe, but it makes you feel awesome about your efforts! Not to mention just how good a freshly cleaned space looks. And nothing compares to the satisfaction you get from admiring a pearly white toilet bowl! Okay, maybe a lot of things compare to it...but you get the point. If you want to clean your toilet bowl with absolute ease, you’ve come to the right place! At Catch, we’ve got a wide range of toilet bowl cleaners at heavily discounted prices. Whether you like to use some elbow grease and scrub, or you want to invest as little effort as humanly possible into the toilet bowl-cleaning process, there’s something for everyone. From the liquid form of toilet cleaner to toilet rim blocks that’ll keep your bowl looking fresh after each flush, there’s no going wrong. Why not stock up on some of the best toilet bowl cleaners out there today? You’ll be saving big and saving time - because we’ll deliver your goodies straight to your door. Welcome to our toilet cleaner SALE.

Toilet Cleaner Brushes are here too!

What good are bottles of toilet cleaner if you don’t have a brush to use? Don’t worry, we’ve thought about that and ticked that box! Tyroler Bright Tools has blessed us all with Antibacterial Toilet Brushes in 3 different colours - black, grey and white. Simply choose the colour that best matches your bathroom and pop it into your cart. When it comes to the actual cleaners, we’ve got an Aussie favourite Harpic in-stock at Catch. The 3 pack of Rim Blocks are hot-sellers, and it’s easy to see why. With a handful of varieties, you’ll be able to choose a targeted approach to tackle your toilet bowl with ease. From Fresh Power to White & Shine + many more, the choice is yours. You can even choose the scent you desire post-flush! So why not check out our range of toilet bowl cleaners while they’re on sale? It’s a no-brainer. Catch is here for you, through all your 1s and 2s!