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We’ve all heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”. So why not laugh a little more? We’ve got a whole range of novelty goods that are bound to make you at least smirk, even if you’re someone who is very hard to entertain! Not only are these novelty items perfect for gatherings, presents, parties and game-night with family and friends, but if you’re bored at home, we’ve got stuff that’ll keep you amused for hours! We’re gonna be honest - some of these novelty goods are super immature - but hey, they’re funny! While some of our other goodies make for very aesthetically appealing displays in your room. We have no doubt you’ll be glued to the screen once you check out all the novelty items online. Once you’ve popped what you want into the cart, simply checkout, and we’ll deliver them straight to your door! Welcome to Catch - the one-stop novelty shop!

Perfect for parties - Novelty sale on now

So what exactly do we have up for grabs? If you’re a fan of vibrant colours, and for lack of a better phrase, ‘staring at cool things’, our selection of motion and lava lamps are your go-to! We also can’t forget about the classic plasma balls, which are just as fascinating. If you’re off to, or throwing a party and need some guaranteed entertainment, we’ve got just about everything under the sun. From the Poo Head Hoop Game by Mdi (yes, poop), to a tabletop Pool Table (yes, pool not poop), and even a Pocket Fart Cushion (almost poop, but not quite), it’s all here! We’ve also got a wide range of mug cups featuring timeless classics such as Star Wars, Crash Bandicoot, as well as AFL teams. Sit back, relax, and scroll or swipe through our novelty goods sale now!