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Hot chocolate can be made of powder

The epitome of comfort in a mug - that’s exactly what hot chocolate is. I’m sure many of us have memories of snuggling up on a cold winter’s day with a mug full of hot chocolate. There’s nothing quite like it. Why not relive those memories today and stock up on some hot chocolate powder at Catch? We’ve slashed prices on our delicious range of hot chocolate, so you can get your hands on the amazing stuff for less! Plus, with delivery straight to your door, you don’t even need to head down to the shops. How good is that? Now, when it comes to hot chocolate, we generally tend to think about the colder seasons. But you know what’s just as good? Letting hot chocolate cool down and drinking it cold in the summer! Or just your classic drinking chocolate, where you stir in some chocolatey goodness into milk and drink away. These two irresistible options are most certainly possible when shopping at Catch. So what are you waiting for? Check out our SALE today and score a Screamin’ Good Deal.

Hot Chocolate is just around the corner...

You know what we didn’t talk about? Milo! Okay...we know that Milo technically isn’t ‘drinking chocolate’, but there’s no denying just how good it is. There are a million and one ways to enjoy the classic Aussie instant malt beverage! Simply scoop and stir it into your milk and drink it cold, warm it up on the stove or microwave, add several scoops on top of your glass of milk and stir it through ever so slightly so it forms a clump of goodness...you know what we’re talking about! For all the lovers of drinking chocolate (both milk choc and white choc), as well as Chai Tea, you’re going to adore Arkadia. We’re proud to stock a number of Arkadia goodies here at Catch. The Arkadia classic drinking chocolate contains a whopping 20 sachets of chocolate heaven and is also 99% fat free! Who said you couldn’t enjoy some drinking chocolate while watching your waistline? Not us! You can even check out the White drinking chocolate - a whole new experience awaits your tastebuds. Enjoy big savings and the most comforting hot chocolate at Catch - Australia’s favourite place to shop online.