Junior Ride Ons Sale Online!

Mini cars for kids are available right here!

Do you remember when you were a kid and all you ever wanted to do was jump behind the wheel of your very own car? Well now you can let your little one live your dream with our wide range of ride on toys for kids! Suitable for all ages 3 and over, our ride on toys range from the classic red and yellow little tikes coupe to the all new Ride-Ons by Rovo Kids which allow the driver to have complete control!

Let your kid enjoy the thrill of having their very own car without the crippling debt associated with a car loan! Rovo Kids is the leading brand in Ride-On Toys and there products are completely revolutionizing the toy industry. Take the Porsche Inspired Black Kids Ride On Car. Modelled off the Porsche Macan, this bad boy features dual speed modes (3km/h & 5km/h), forward and reverse modes, headlights, and even a working speaker to blast some driving tunes!