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If you are looking for some unique designs of bedroom furniture at an affordable price then look no further.

Emma's Design based in Sydney is a creative furniture boutique that specifically focuses all Australian matters bedroom designs. We considered all constraint in modern Australian home environment and to design the signature furniture will fit in your home.

Repair, Replace and Refund Policy

The business Emma's Design apply all rules with ACCC repair, replace, refund policy, please visit ACCC website in order to confirm if your case is subject to the claim.

Please note: Emma's Design had provided sufficient product information and product images in order to assist your decision on the purchase and any claims after purchased the product with explanations related to the product appearance will be treated as Exceptions to Guarantees explained in ACCC website.

Under any circumstances, the refund will only proceed when a customer returned the products at their own cost to our warehouse and in original packaging.

Customer must understand that Emma's Design only liable for our own products value claim and any delivery fees associated to the deal is not subject to the refund claim.