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Where does the name Sirius come from?

The name Sirius was given to this business when the co-founder was looking up to the sky one night and pondered what the brightest star in the night sky is called. Sirius (also called Isis or Sothis) is the name of the brightest star in the night sky. The Sirius System is made up of two stars and the larger of the two is three times the mass of our sun and over ten times as bright, shining with a brilliant blue-white radiance. Ancient Egyptians believed that Sirius had a tremendous effect upon life on our planet and we hope our coffee products and services have the same effect on our customers.

Australian Local Based Company

Sirius Coffee International Pty Ltd is a proud Melbourne based company entrenched in the rich, passionate and intoxicating world of coffee. As serious or rather “Sirius” lovers of coffee, we have developed a desire to make a big impact on the coffee market. Sirius Coffee International Pty Ltd is a boutique coffee company. We insist on providing fresh, rich, aromatic coffee blends to meet the needs of any serious coffee drinker.

All varieties contain 100% Arabica beans and are sourced from some of the best coffee bean plantations around the world. These plantations are sourced from Africa, South America and Central America. We have faith and confidence in the coffee blends we offer.

Revolutionary Coffee Roasting

Sirius Coffee International uses a revolutionary roaster which has the capability of roasting up to 500 Kg per week. The purchase of this roaster represents a significant investment that will allow us to control every aspect of the roasting process. To that end we spared no expense in purchasing state of the art roasting equipment. This uses a high tech conversion roasting method that flows a stream of hot air through the roasting drum in order to roast the beans.

Roasting Schedule
Sirius Coffee International roasts regularly throughout the week with the main roasting sessions being Monday and Thursday. This way we are able to ensure that our coffee is always fresh and roasted on demand. This is why we stand by our Freshness Guarantee.

Our Freshness Guarantee

We are proud and confident in all our products and that is why Sirius Coffee International offers a “Freshness Guarantee”. Freshness is not just a word, but a promise. Unlike a lot of the big brand names, we distribute your coffee to your door immediately after it’s roasted. Why drink old coffee when you can drink ‘Siriusly’ fresh, good quality roasted coffee.

Authorized Equipment Distributor S/E Asia

Sirius Coffee International is the authorised distributor of the Expobar, Fiamma, Iberital and La Marzocco coffee machines within Australia and S/E Asia. Sirius Coffee International is also the authorised distributor of the Macap, Iberital, Mazzer and Compak coffee grinders within Australia and S/E Asia.

Consumer Rights
Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law stipulates that our coffee machines, coffee grinders, vending machines and dripolators come with a warranty guarantee that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. As a consumer you are entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced or exchanged if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality.

Warranty Inclusions
As Sirius Coffee International is the authorised distributor of world famous equipment lines such as Expobar, Fiamma, La Marzocco, Coffee Queen, Iberital, Compak, Mazzer and Macap, your new coffee machine or coffee grinder or vending machine or coffee dripolator comes standard with a 12 months parts warranty against any manufacturing defects. Additionally, there is an option to extend the parts warranty to 2yrs at additional cost.

All warranty claims can be made through Sirius Coffee International in Victoria and our authorised service technicians throughout Australia will be engaged to rectify any manufacturing fault. Parts are covered as standard for the warranty period. Any labour associated to with the time taken to rectify this will be charged to the client.

Warranty Exclusions
Your standard parts warranty period does not cover normal wear and tear to coffee machine parts such as group head seals, gaskets, portafilter handles, baskets and shower screens. Additionally inadequately filtered water, lime scaling and corrosion due to high chloride ion concentrations in water are not covered. Similarly, for coffee grinders, normal wear and tear to parts such as burrs, hoppers, lids, digital displays and adjustment knobs are not covered. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover negligence, improper use or maintenance or unauthorized repairs or modifications. The parts warranty will also not apply if the damage has been caused by power surges or power failures.

When making a warranty claim, please note that any shipping or associated travel costs are not reimbursed under the parts warranty.

Making a Claim
Raising an claim is simply a matter of contacting Sirius Coffee International via Catch messaging system. Sirius Coffee International will advise you of the nearest warranty service location if based outside of Victoria. Alternatively, Sirius Coffee International will organise for your machine, grinder, vending machine or coffee dripolator to be sent back to our showroom for assessment & repair. During the assessment, Sirius Coffee International will choose the most appropriate course of action of rectifying this such as providing you with a repair or replacement.

In order to obtain a refund, exchange or to repair a product purchased from Sirius Coffee International, you must have a clear proof of purchase. i.e Invoice or Receipt. If we cannot be satisfied that you purchased the product from us then, under the Australian consumer law, we are entitled to reject a warranty claim. Please keep in mind that Sirius Coffee International has a record of all model and serials numbers for the coffee machines, coffee grinders, vending machines and dripolators that we sell. Your serial number is required for any warranty claim and this serial number can be found on the equipment and user manual.

Warranty Assessment
Once proof of purchase has been confirmed, Sirius Coffee International will carry out an assessment and either offer you either a refund, exchange or repair. The available remedy will depend on the issue at hand. Sirius Coffee International may need to consult with the manufacturer or importer to determine the fault and resolution. Nearly every fault can be easily repaired within a reasonable time frame. In many cases, the resolution will come down to simply advising the client on its correct use.