Solace Sleep Profile

  • Catch member since June 2019
  • Approved online Catch seller since June 2019

Factory Direct Adjustable Beds and Mattresses. Learn to discover sleep with our combined health benefits or 'positional therapy' and 'comfort therapy' in our massage adjustable beds and pressure relieving mattresses

Refunds and Returns

  • Outside the standard offer of our free 100 night sleep trial, mattresses will not be exchanged unless deemed faulty (see product guarantee for consumer obligation with product return).
  • Unless the contract of sale has been fully completed there will be no refunds.
  • For any returns or refunds to take place the consumer must follow the instructions provided by the team at Solace Sleep. Please send us a Catch message to get the information required. Any product returned that has not followed this procedure will not receive any exchange. The consumer must comply to all request made by the team at Solace Sleep.
  • A exchange will only be provided after the customer has returned the goods to our warehouse or charity partner. If the product is deemed to be damaged, stained or not in original condition the consumer will not receive a exchange. This included returns that occur during the 100 night sleep trial.
  • In the case of a major fault or defect (determined by Solace Sleep) of the mattress, a full replacement (as per the consumer requirement) (including shipping costs) will be provided by Solace Sleep.
  • Product must be sealed and returned in their original plastic packaging. There can be no signs of damage to the product.
  • Our charity partners and delivery team will refuse to collect product that is damaged, stained, unhygienic, not in original packaging or for any reason they consider is unsafe or they may damage the product.
  • If the product is returned to us by the consumer it is there responsibility to ensure the goods are delivered to us safely and in original condition. We take no responsibility for any issues with your nominated carrier and may refuse to accept products if we consider them to be damaged, stained or in any way not in their original condition.
  • To be eligible for a return you must be the original purchaser and must have completed the contract of sale (including full payment). For the 100 night sleep trial the consumer cannot return the mattress unless there has been a minimum of 6 weeks use (sleeping on the mattress for at least 42 days).
  • Within the 100 night sleep trial period (only if the product is not damaged, stained, unhygienic or any other way not in original condition) if you are not satisfied with the product please send us a Catch message and we will arrange for your mattress to be collected. The 100 night sleep trial is only available on mattresses, all other products (e.g., bed bases, adjustable beds, you agree to be available for our scheduled collectable bed foundations, pillows or any other auxiliary products) are not included in the 100 night sleep trial period. If you are within these areastion time, if you are not available when we arrive then all subsequent costs must be incurred by you. Once your order is placed, no deposit will be refunded, no size/colour can be changed.
  • For all areas outside of the free pick up areas nominated above you must arrange and incur all expenses in the cost of return to one of our nominated sites.
  • The 100 night sleep trial is limited to one exchange per order and a maximum of 2 exchanges per household at any time.
  • If during the 100 night sleep trial you neglect to use a protective cover such as a mattress protector or use the mattress on a base that is not covered by our guarantee or adhere to other care instructions we will refuse collection of the mattress.
  • If you exchange the mattress for another product you will be responsible for any price differences.
  • To claim under this comfort guarantee the purchaser must notify us by email no later than 100 days after purchase and delivery, have slept on the mattress for a minimum of 42 days, provide proof of original purchase and proof that the mattress is undamaged and not soiled or marked.