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WHS Partner is the leading online sourcing and fulfilment centre for consumer goods and household living products. We have established our own brands in the online market to deliver in demand, quality products at an affordable price. Our business removes the non-value adding processes and touch points in the supply chain to deliver quality products directly to the consumer at amazing prices. This is done by designing and procuring products straight from the source, removing middle men and keeping stock in house to get it to you as fast as possible.

WHS Partner's operating model is about being direct and providing value. We aim to deliver a superlative customer experience with value for money our primary concern. Which means we need to be direct, BDirect that is!

Some of the brands that you would have seen in the online world are; MyGenie, StoneChef, Paris Glam, Kitchen Couture, Milano D├ęcor, Milano Outdoor, Royal Comfort, Pursonic to name a few. Each brand strives to be the market leader in its respective category making sure all of your home living products are providing the experience you need without emptying your bank accounts.

Warranty Returns:
Defective Products that are being returned must not have any physical damage, and be complete with all accessories. We must be notified if the product being returned does not meet these conditions. A Return Authorisation number will be provided for all returns and our Reply Paid Postage Account.

All products are covered with 12 month parts and labour warranty with us directly, unless specified otherwise. Proof of Purchase must accompany all warranty service requests. Tampering with this unit or any labels will void any warranty or claims.

Minor Problems:
All minor problems that relate to functionality and aesthetics will be escalated to a customer service representative for trouble shooting so that they can be fixed within a reasonable time.
In the case of a minor problem/s the below will be applied by through escalation:
  • repair the product within a reasonable time

  • provide a replacement that is identical, or of similar value, or

  • give a refund.

Your rights as a consumer will apply to the replacement product in the same way as the original product.

Major Problems:
We try to limit any faults through our stringent QA and QC process. In saying this if there is a major problem with a product, you as the consumer have the right to:
  • reject it and choose a refund or replacement, or

  • keep it and WHS Partner will compensate them for any drop in value.

Some examples of a major problem:

Scenario 1:

If a reasonable consumer had known about the problem, they never would have bought the product.
Ramona would not have bought her washing machine if she knew the motor was going to burn out after three months.

Scenario 2:

The product is significantly different from a sample, description or demonstration model.
James orders a red scarf online, but the scarf delivered is hot pink.

Scenario 3:

The product cannot do what the consumer told the salesperson they needed it to do, or what it is normally supposed to do, and this problem cannot be fixed quickly or easily.
A salesperson assures Quang that the watch he buys can be worn while deep-sea diving. When he goes diving, the watch fills up with water.

Scenario 4:

The product is unsafe.
Elsa buys a car seat for her baby. After a couple of months, the belt buckle becomes loose.

Change of Mind returns:

Please choose take your time and choose carefully as BDirect does not accept change of mind returns.
Procedure for Warranty Claims:

  • Please kindly make sure the return is complete with all parts that it came with originally

  • Please kindly make sure the return is safely packaged as physical damage would void warranty

  • To ensure speedy processing of your return, please include return authorisation (will be provided customer service); a copy of the invoice attached outside of package, your full return details and contact number as well as the nature or description of the problem inside of the package.


Replacements or warranty claims do not apply if the product has not been installed, operated and maintained in accordance with any instructions provided with the product. If the product has been used in a manner other than for which it was designed, to the extent permitted by relevant legislation, WHS Partner expressly excludes any liability for any indirect or consequential loss (including for loss of revenue or loss of use) arising from, or in any way relating to the incorrect use of the product.

To the extent permitted by law, warranties will only apply to products used for personal / private use. Using products for commercial purposes will result in the warranty being voided.