You Won’t Find Better Mobile Phone Plans in Australia…

At Catch Connect, there’s an awesome mobile plan for everyone. Are you an international student that needs to regularly call or text your friends and family back home? You might have been stung by other mobile phone plans in the past with big fees or a tiny amount of usable minutes. Well, now with Catch Connect’s add-on International Packs, you can get 100 or 300 mins of talk and unlimited SMS to 32 destinations around the world - all for an affordable price!

Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new place and want lots of data to hotspot your other devices when you’re at home or out at work or university. Catch Connect has cheap mobile plans that are absolutely loaded with data and easy on calls or texts. After all, who wants to be paying for things they never actually use anyway?

But that’s not all, with our 365-day packs and other awesome prepaid mobile phone deals, there’s sure to be a plan that suits every Australian. The only bad thing about the deals at Catch Connect is choosing the right mobile plan for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing your Mobile Plan

There are loads of factors that should impact your decision when choosing the right mobile plan for you. Here are some main things to consider…

How much data will your mobile plan need?

Do you stream Netflix every night after work? Do you hotspot your laptop (and your friend’s laptop!) when you’re at uni? Do you game or download music when you’re at work on your breaks? If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s likely you need a data-focused plan.

Do you travel or speak to family and/or friends overseas?

If you’re travelling a lot for work or leisure, or are in Australia but have lots of family and friends overseas that you want and need to connect with regularly, focusing on a cheaper mobile plan and then purchasing international extras might be the way for you.

Are you looking for extra entertainment features like Netflix or Kayo?

If you’ve come to love the finer things in life and want a Netflix and Kayo account of your own so you never miss a game of AFL or an episode of your favourite show, postpaid phone options that include these extras in them are highly recommended. You might actually save money getting them all in a bundle with your phone through Catch instead of separately!

What’s your budget for your mobile plan?

Be reasonable and never stretch yourself thin. With Catch Connect’s affordable mobile phone plans, you can always stay connected without breaking the bank, and if you want to splash a bit more cash on extras or more data, then go for it! Just make sure to budget beforehand and ask yourself how much money can you afford to dedicate to your mobile phone plan.

Ready to Save $$$ with Catch Connect’s Mobile Plans?

Now you’ve decided how you’re going to be using your mobile, it’s time to choose a plan and start SAVING BIG with Catch Connect’s competitive pricing. Get huge amounts of data, international minutes or entertainment extras at unbelievable prices when you choose a Catch Connect mobile plan!

Popular Questions Asked

How do I choose between mobile phone plans?

With so many mobile phone plans to choose from in Australia, it’s important to know a few things before you decide between a SIM-only, prepaid or postpaid mobile phone plan. Some questions you should ask yourself:

- What is my monthly budget?

- Will I need to use my phone’s data to hotspot other devices at home/work/university?

- Do I often call or text people internationally like friends or family?

- Do I travel a lot?

- Is the speed of the internet important to me?

- What extra features, like entertainment and gaming such as Netflix would I like to have?

Is it better to be on a plan or prepaid mobile?

It depends on what you plan to use your mobile phone for the most. Prepaid mobile plans usually offer a lot more value than a postpaid plan, but postpaid plans might be more suitable for your needs. For example, a prepaid mobile plan from Catch is incredibly affordable and provides you with lots of mobile data at those prices, but a good postpaid plan can give unlimited national calls or extra international call data for those with family overseas. International students love to use this Catch SIM.

What’s the difference between SIM only and prepaid mobile plans?

The main difference between SIM only and prepaid mobile plans is the billing method and whether or not you have your own handset before beginning the phone plan. For example, if you get to the end of a postpaid mobile phone contract, you’re now effectively on a SIM-only plan, as you have paid off your handset. To start a prepaid mobile phone plan, you will need to have access to your own mobile and SIM and will get a monthly bill that provides you with data, calls, and international minutes for example.