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Find the Best Mobile Phone Plans in Australia

At Catch Connect, there’s an awesome mobile plan for everyone. Whether you're an international student needing to call or text friends and family back home, or someone looking for lots of data to hotspot your devices, we have the perfect plan for you.

Our add-on International Packs provide 100 or 300 minutes of talk and unlimited SMS to 32 destinations worldwide at an affordable price.

Need data for streaming, gaming, or working on the go? Our cheap mobile plans are loaded with data and easy on calls or texts, ensuring you only pay for what you use. With our 365-day packs and other great prepaid mobile phone deals, there’s a plan to suit every Australian. The only challenge is choosing the right mobile plan for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing your Mobile Plan

When selecting a mobile plan, consider the following factors:

How much data will your mobile plan need?

Do you stream Netflix every night, hotspot your laptop at uni, or game during breaks at work? If so, you need a data-focused plan.

Do you travel or speak to family and/or friends overseas?

For frequent travellers or those with many international contacts, a cheaper mobile plan with purchasable international extras may be ideal.

Are you looking for extra entertainment features like Netflix or Kayo?

If you enjoy added perks like Netflix and Kayo, consider postpaid phone options that bundles these services, potentially saving you money.

What’s your budget for your mobile plan?

Choose a plan that fits your budget and remember not to stretch yourself too thin. With Catch Connect’s affordable options, you can stay connected without breaking the bank.

Ready to Save $$$ with Catch Connect’s Mobile Plans?

Once you've assessed your needs, choose a plan and start saving with Catch Connect’s competitive pricing. Enjoy huge data allowances, international minutes, and entertainment extras at unbeatable prices!

Popular Questions Asked

What are prepaid phone plans?

Prepaid phone plans require you to pay upfront for a set amount of data, calls, and texts. They are ideal for those who want flexibility, have varying monthly usage, or are mindful of their budget. The main advantages of prepaid plans are:

- No Long-term Commitment: You’re not tied into a lengthy contract, giving you the flexibility to change plans as your needs change.

- Budget Control: Since you pay in advance, you can avoid unexpected charges and stay within your budget.

- Ease of Use: Simply top up your account when needed, making it easy to manage your usage.

Is a prepaid or postpaid plan right for me?

Choosing between prepaid and postpaid depends on your specific needs and usage habits:

Prepaid Plans: Offer great value, control over spending, and flexibility with no long-term contracts. Perfect for users with fluctuating usage patterns or those who want to avoid unexpected bills.

Postpaid Plans: Provide convenience with a monthly bill after usage, often including perks like unlimited calls, data bundles, or entertainment subscriptions. Suitable for users who prefer a consistent, predictable plan and need higher data or call allowances.

What are SIM-only plans?

SIM-only plans provide you with a SIM card for your existing handset, without the need to buy a new phone and are ideal for those who already own a compatible phone and are looking for a flexible mobile plan. Some of the key benefits of SIM-only plans include:

- Cost Savings: Lower monthly costs since you’re not paying for a new handset.

- Flexibility: Easier to switch plans or carriers if your needs change.

- Variety: Wide range of options to suit different usage patterns and budgets.

Who has the cheapest phone plans?

Catch Connect offers some of the cheapest phone plans in Australia, providing excellent value with no hidden fees or lock-in contracts. Compare our plans to see how much you can save!