How to Get the Most Out of Your Black Friday Sales 2022

Never walk into a sale blind. Black Friday isn’t a sale that comes out of the blue. We know it’s coming. You want to approach this day with a plan in mind to make the most of your Black Friday sales. In this article, we’re going to share tips for making the most of Black Friday sales to save you from disappointing ill-advised purchases. Let’s get started!

Research Products You Need & Want

Don’t purchase things just because they seem like a bargain. Instead, you want to spend some time before Black Friday understanding what you want and need in your home or personal life. Most people don’t go into these types of sales with a plan, and doing this additional research means you’ll have a leg up. So while they’re fighting over uninspired products that we’d never recommend, you’re going for what you actually need and want.

Find Trusted Brands

Every major brand might make a lot of products, but there are some products they’re well known for making the best of. For starters, work with trusted brands over brands that have no real market impact. We’re talking about brands like Samsung, Sony, etc. Know what products these brands make the best of, then choose from their catalogues what you’re aiming to get on special.

If you find smaller brands that you want to buy from, that’s fine! Just make sure you do some research and view their products in person.

Understand Tech Lifecycles

Black Friday is going to really throw the latest and greatest pieces of technology at you. However, what will also be on special is the devices celebrating their first birthday. These previous models are sometimes great devices that are slightly - we emphasise slightly - different from their successors. Technology most often has a one-year lifecycle before a new model comes out. This isn’t because the old model isn’t good, but they need to keep things moving to make sales. Knowing that means there’s nothing wrong with the model down unless the differences are stark and worth it.

Review Price History

You’ll be surprised how many products from Black Friday sales have been the same price for six months prior to the sale. You will want to check the price history of some of your chosen products and confirm if they’re actually cheaper at all on the day of Black Friday. If they were cheaper before Black Friday, they’ll be cheaper again after Black Friday. Instead, you can save that money on Black Friday for something else you need or want.

List Various Retailers Selling The Same Product

Black Friday is hectic. Sites crash and stores are overcrowded and inaccessible. It’s a nightmare. So, in saying that, we recommend you have some options on standby for backup retailers. Your chosen products have a list of a few different retailers offering the same products. Additionally, if you have time on the day or before Black Friday, check to see if other retailers are offering your products cheaper than your first choice.

Who Will Price Match?

Some retailers will actually price match Black Friday prices on the day in order to get the sale. So if you figure out who these retailers are, find the specials you want, and confirm they have them, then you can do something very few people actually do. Instead of heading to crowded malls and big box stores, you can go to a quieter store and get the same product, at the same price, with far less hassle.

Create Accounts Well In Advance

Don’t get caught on Black Friday having to create online accounts just to make a purchase. If you’re going to be purchasing products online, ensure you’ve already set up the necessary accounts with all your information, credit card details, address, etc. This will save you so much time as it means you can get to express order. The longer you wait and set up the account on the day, the more you risk losing out on these great specials. Also, there’s a limited quantity, and it could be gone by the time you reach the finish line of setting up your account.

Create A Wishlist Online

Keeping with the early account setup, why not create a Black Friday wishlist? Search for the products you want to get on Black Friday, then place them all in one list, and before the sale begins, place them in your cart. See what the prices are reduced to and start choosing what stays or goes. With your added research, you should be prepared for alternative retailers to purchase things from if specials aren’t applied to certain products or if someone else has them at a better price.

Look At The Prices, Not The Savings

Savings can be sandtraps. They look amazing. These big numbers are in disarming colours like red or green. However, that doesn’t mean they’re actually good deals. You see, the savings are highlighted, the actual price tag is on you to find, read, and understand. But you’ve already seen the savings, so you’re more receptive to the price tag regardless of what it is! So compare prices, not savings.

A sneaky trick retailers do is saying it’s heavily reduced when the prices haven’t even really changed. So just be careful not to get tricked.

Have Backups

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t find one dishwasher and refuse to investigate an alternative or two. Sometimes things don’t go on special, and you’re left scrambling for an alternative without knowing all the facts. This can lead to purchases you’ll regret later on!


Approach Black Friday with caution and a concrete plan in mind. It’s not about the day itself, but everything that leads up to it! So start researching and figuring out what’s on your wishlist for what’s bound to be a day of great deals.

Catch isn’t immune from Black Friday! We’ll also be engaging in a day of specials on our online marketplace. So get ready for the deals of a lifetime thanks to Catch!