Vacation Survival Kit

Don’t leave home without these travel essentials

Whether you’re a seasoned jet-setter or a newbie to the world of travel, you’ll need to take the right things with you. Often it’s the small things that can ruin a trip - broken cameras, lost items, food poisoning from questionable street food… the list goes on.

Now you can get the most out of your trip with these essential travel items - this super practical Vacation Survival Kit is the ultimate solution for ensuring your holiday stays epic.

Check out our holiday checklist packed with the best travel accessories you can get - and you’ll make your next trip one for the books.

Pierre Cardin Luggage

Pierre Cardin are renowned for making stylish, durable luggage sets that are perfect for long travels. Built with nylon and polypropylene, Pierre Cardin luggage is sturdy and won’t wear and tear. With vibrant colours and a unique build, you can be sure you’ll recognize what’s yours at baggage claim right away. Most importantly, Pierre Cardin suitcases feature a reliable TSA lock that keeps your bags from being opened without you knowing.

Vivitar Digital Camera

Super compact and easy to use, Vivitar cameras are perfect for capturing your holiday memories. Waterproof and durable enough to withstand any adventure, the Vivitar digital camera is optimized by 640 x 480 VGA image resolution to produce some A-class photos as well. Leave your clunky, expensive and fragile camera at home - this affordable digital snapper is by far the smartest choice for travellers.

1st Care Travel Hand Sanitizers

On holiday, we’re always more at risk with germs and bacteria. Best to use before and after meals on a holiday, 1st Care hand sanitizers help protect you from getting sick when you’re abroad. These super practical sanitizer bottles come with a utility clip, so you can keep ‘em clipped onto your bag to use anytime, anywhere.

Hairy Lemon Energy Tabs

Perfect for those long flights and arduous hikes, these tasty tabs give you the energy to keep on going. Just drop a tab of Hairy Lemon into a glass of water, and you’ve got the perfect pick-me-up that’s both effective and refreshing. With a mixture of B Complex, Vitamin C, Guarana and Ginseng, you’ll feel revitalised after a single tablet. Keep these babies in your travel pack and you’ve got a quick and easy way to freshen up on the road.

Tosca European Adapter

The one thing that can stop a holiday in its tracks is a wrong adapter. Luckily Tosca provides the perfect range of adapters for us globetrotters. The Tosca European adapter allows you to plug in any device of your own and use the power supply of the European country you’re in. Simple and easy to use, these things are super helpful when travelling.

Thermarest Neck Pillow

Essential for making that plane trip a little easier, the Thermarest neck pillow is designed perfectly for the aches and pains of long-haul sitting. The memory foam support adds extra comfort and cradles your neck for supremely soft feel. Compact and super effective, the Thermarest neck pillow is a must-have for staying comfy on the plane, train and everywhere else.

Skechers Footwear

Don’t neglect your feet! Skechers shoes are designed to give you the comfort you need on a long trip. Skechers footwear gives you that perfect durability and comfort with a wide range of unique styles. Not just a 90s street classic anymore - these kicks are a traveller’s best friend and come in a huge range of styles and colours you’ll love.

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