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Buy Advocate for dogs at Catch!

Advocate is a HUGE advocate for taking proper care of your pets health (see what we did there..). Advocate is one of the leading brands in Flea & Worm treatment for your pets and there range of treatments have been proven to kill a whopping 98-100% of fleas within the first 12 hours of application! What are you waiting for? Shop Advocate dog treatment at Catch today!

Advocate Dog Treatment available here!

Suitable for puppies, dogs, kittens and cats of ALL shapes and sizes, When you buy Advocate for Cats and Dogs your taking a massive step in increasing the overall wellbeing of your fur-baby! Advocate treatment is perfect for treating fleas, heartworms and worms and also controls lice for up to 6 weeks! Letting your little guy or gal live their best life. Shop Advocate today at Australia's favourite superstore - Catch!