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Check Out the Alex Liddy SALE

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new place or are looking to spruce up your home, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Catch, we have a fantastic range of Alex Liddy homewares and kitchenware at prices you won’t find anywhere else. A popular Australian brand, you can’t go wrong with Alex Liddy dinner sets and cutlery online! On top of that, we also deliver straight to your doorstep! Awesome prices and fuss-free delivery, what more could you ask for? There are heaps of homewares from Alex Liddy available on deck. So what are you waiting for? Shop Alex Liddy online now!

Beautiful Alex Liddy Dinner Sets Online

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking to replace your old dinner set. It’s like you were meant to find us! We know just the thing that’ll bring a smile to your face. Check out a fantastic selection of Alex Liddy dinner sets online. It’s available in heaps of colours and designs, so we guarantee something will definitely catch your eye. Whether it’s the Alex Liddy Aquis Coupe, Modern White or Lagoon Stoneware, there are just so many to choose from! If you’re after something more modern and clean, the Alex Liddy Aquis Coupe might be the perfect choice. Boasting an elegant and contemporary silhouette, this dinner set is sure to fit seamlessly in any home. Not only that, the crisp white glaze of this dinner set will go perfectly with patterned tableware too! Perhaps you’re after something more traditional, we have just the thing. Check out the Alex Liddy Lyla Porcelain dinner set. Not only does it come in a bunch of colours, they’re made with durable fine porcelain that’ll last a lifetime! Have a browse at the selection of Alex Liddy Vina wine glasses while you’re at it!

Elevate Your Cheese Board Game with Alex Liddy

Cheese boards are all the rage at the moment. You’ve probably seen friends and family post photos of their cheese boards on social media that have ultimately inspired you to make your own! It’s a good thing we’ve got just the tools you need to create something out of this world. Alex Liddy offers an incredible range of cheese knives at affordable prices. We know what you’re thinking - there’s a ton of different knives out there, so how do you know what to look for? Fret not, we’ll guide you! Let’s start with the chisel knife - it works well to break apart and spread softer cheeses. A cheese cleaver is great for cutting hard or semi-hard cheese such as cheddar or pepper jack. A cheese plane is used to shave off thin slices of soft cheese such as havarti and swiss cheese. The most popular tool is the fork-tipped cheese knife. The thin blade makes it great for softer cheese, whereas the fork-tip is ideal for serving cut pieces of harder cheese. Now that we’ve got you covered on the functions of each cheese knife, it’s time to start shopping!

Shop Alex Liddy Cookware!

Not only does Alex Liddy offer a beautiful range of tableware and tools to make delicious charcuterie boards, the brand also has a variety of ovenware up for grabs at bargain prices! From ramekins to baking dishes, the options are endless. Whether you’re a professional baker or an enthusiast, you’re spoiled for choice here at Catch! If you’ve been after ramekins to make creme brulees and caramel flans, Alex Liddy has an adorable selection of ramekins waiting to be purchased by YOU! You can also purchase the Alex Liddy Lasagne Dish at an affordable price. Whatever you’re after, we have it all under one roof. Shop the Alex Liddy range online now!