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SAVE on Andatech portable breathalyzer

Whether you’re at the pub with friends or having a few drinks at a friends house, you always need to ensure that you’re right to get behind the wheel. With the Andatech AlcoSense Pro Professional Breathalyser you can be reassured you’re right to hold your keys. Setting the industry standard for personal breathalysers since 2004 they promise to always have the best with delivering accuracy, consistency and great value for your hard earned money. This industrial grade semiconductor sensor technology is tested and certified to Australian Standard (AS3547) with CE approval, DOT approval and FDA approval. Everyone needs one of these if they enjoy a drink and care about the lives of others on the road. Ensure your safety and their safety with Andatech right here at Catch

Breathalyzer for SALE! - Andatech

Making sure you’re right to drive after you’ve been drinking is important. That’s why we’ve got Andatech Breathalyser in stock and at exclusive prices. Ensure the safety of others when you’re on the road and make sure you get home safe. We’ve got of the best Breathalyzer for sale right here at the #1 Australian online megastore, - don’t miss out on this awesome price for a portable breathalyzer.