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Artist Musical Instruments on SALE

Looking to pick up a new hobby? Perhaps you’ve got a musical talent you want to showcase. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Catch, we’ve got a massive range of musical instruments by Artist. With delivery straight to your door, online shopping has never been easier. We have a variety of musical instruments from acoustic and electric guitars to drum kits and violins. Have a browse and discover what Artist has to offer online!

Shop Guitars Online at Catch

If you're keen on learning how to play the guitar, Artist has hundreds of options available. Unsure whether to get a classical or acoustic guitar? Let us help you. If you’re a beginner and enjoy the sounds of Flamenco or Spanish music, classical guitars are for you, as the nylon strings won’t be as harsh on your fingers as an acoustic guitar. If you’re already accustomed to the guitar, then look into getting an acoustic guitar. The steel strings offer loud and rich tones and are extremely versatile, as you can use it for a variety of music genres. If you’re looking to buy guitar accessories online, now’s your chance! We offer accessories such as guitar amplifiers, guitar picks and more at unbeatable prices.

Buy Artist Drum Kits

Aside from having high quality guitars available here at Oz’s #1 superstore, Artist also offer drum kits at prices you won’t believe. Whether you’re looking for acoustic drum kits or electric ones, Catch has got you covered. If you practise drums at home, consider getting an electric drum kit, as they’re ideal for low or zero volume practise. Not only that, electric drum kits are typically more affordable than acoustic ones. Similar to acoustic guitars, acoustic drum kits are great for music of most genres. Discover the perfect drum kit for you with Artist drum kits here at Catch.