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Baby Studio know how much your baby wiggles and can’t keep still. That’s normal, they can’t help but try and explore the world. But when it’s time for sleep you want to be assured that they’re wrapped up tightly so they can’t hurt themselves and of course, stay warm. The Baby Studio Size 0-3 Months Swaddle wrap does just that! The Baby Studio Swaddle Wrap features heavy duty Velcro to ensure your little babies arms are tightly wrapped and unable to escape. With the flexibility to place babies arms down by their side, across their chest, anywhere that ensures a cosy and comfortable night’s sleep. Don’t miss out of this awesome swaddle that your little one will love! Grab it today at the #1 Australian online marketplace! -

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The Baby Studio 3-6.5kg Small Cotton Swaddle Wrap in Bunny Grey is perfect for those little wiggly babies and magical escape artists. Ensuring to keep your little one safe and warm during the night as well as cosy and comfortable, the Baby Studio Swaddle Wrap is ideal for your little tike at bedtime. Perfect for all year round, the swaddle also has a tailored incision point for use with car seats and other products with a 5pt safety harness. What are you waiting for? Grab your deal today and SAVE!