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Baby U changing mats are on SALE!

Need a new changing mat, baby bag or nappy bag? Well we’ve got you covered with the latest from Baby U. The Baby U Disposable Change Mats come in a 10 pack and are perfect for when you’re on the go and your little one needs a changing! Leak proof, disposable and ultra-absorbent these changing mats are life saving when you need them the most. Being on the go and out and about you can always count on these awesome disposable changing mats to save you. Sporting a leak proof liner that prevents liquid from seeping through and also being scented to help prevent smell when you need to throw them out. These changing mats are everything and more you need for when you’re on the go! -

SAVE TODDAY on a many purpose nappy bag!

The Baby U Scented Nappy Bags come in a pack of 200 and are perfect for nappy disposal when you need it most. Killing all those yucky smells nat home and when you’re out and about. These nappy bags feature a hygienic tie handle and are quick and easy to use. These nappy bags have more then one purpose, other uses include incontinence, sanitary disposal, transporting soiled clothing, and for use as scented bin liners! Don’t pay more for this big named baby essential, shop with us and grab an exclusive deal you just can’t look passed. Save today at the #1 Oz online superstore! -