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Boon - Built for your baby

Babies are messy creatures! They’re known to cover themselves head to toe in their spaghetti, eat things they’re not meant to and even drool all over their cute little clothing. This is where Boon can enter into your life. From its baby baths and bath time toys, drying racks and cute cutlery, Boon offer an array of products focused on all aspects around cleaning your baby and keeping ‘em clean. While Boon has covered most aspects of keeping babies clean, Catch has you covered on how to get boon into your home. With a 100% online store, shop whenever it suits you (we know how time consuming babies can be) and know you’ll have your goods delivered straight to your door.

Hours of bath time amusement

Create beautiful bathtime memories with engaging Boon bathtime toys. Let your child discover the wonders of water through the use of bath toys by using building sets of unique cogs and pipes. Chain together elaborate designs to pour water through, position them correctly to watch them run like a well-tuned machine. With their suction cups, they can be stuck on the bath wall and rearranged for hours of fun. Not to be left out, the Boon Fleet Stack Boats brings even more entertainment onto the high seas of bath time, providing even more colour to your adventures. No longer do you have to visit the baby super stores to find the perfect toys for your bubs bath time - take a minute after a busy day to shop online at Catch, and have your goods delivered right to your home.

Boon Nourishment

Browse for Boon at Catch, for a colossal range of colourful feeding time necessities. Boon has fantastic feeders, bountiful bowls, clever cutlery, perfect platters and more! Turn your cups into spill-proof snack dispensers with Boon Snug Snack, made of silicon and BPA free plastic, so you can rest assured that your child is being well catered for. When feeding time is over, wash everything and leave them to dry on the Boon Lawn Multi Purpose Drying Rack - it holds toys and accessories upright, letting all the water collect at the bottom! So what are you waiting for? Treat your tot to the very best with Boon, and save big bucks in the process.