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Brateck Stand up Desk - now available at Catch!

In today’s workplace, we often find ourselves glued to chairs for hours and hours. Plus, after a long day, you might not have the time to go and exercise. So how do we solve this issue of sitting on our bums all day? Brateck has the answer with their standing desk! Standing desks have boomed in popularity recently, as they’re known to improve productivity, reduce back pain and help with posture, all while allowing you to burn calories easily throughout the day! With all these benefits & many more, it only makes sense to consider switching to a Brateck standing desk. And what better place to grab one of these than at Catch - Australia’s favourite place to shop and save!

Stand tall with Brateck, the innovative standing desk

A stand-up desk is a must-have for anyone looking to become a more efficient and healthier version of themselves. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to get more work done while keeping fit? The Brateck standing desk features a solid and stable base and 10 different levels, so you can adjust the desk to your height and liking. Order now at Catch and have this productivity booster delivered straight to your doorstep!