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The Brica Car Auto Baby Seat Back Protector Cover is a children/kids kick mat. As we all know, kids tend to move around a lot and they can’t help but sometimes kick the back of the chair while you’re driving. Over time the kicking is going to do some damage and it’s going to leave your car seats dirty. The Brica Seat Back Protector Kick Mat is durable and long lasting, when they’re dirty you can just chuck ‘em in the wash and they’re good as new! The adjustable attachment fits securely around the head rest and the elastic strap secures the bottom of the kick mat to the car seat. If you or someone you know has a rigorous little one grab ‘em this for Christmas! - Catch

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The Brica Auto Baby Child Car Seat Guardian Protector with anti slip grip protects your car seat from spills, dirt and other forms of mess the little one may cause. Providing extra grip traction pads to help prevent slips, extra large superior coverage and made from a durable weather resistant material, this mat works with any and all car seat styles. You’re going to have a car seat installed for a few years, maybe even longer. Protect your seat from crumbs, spills, dirt and other messes that may cause damage to the car. Grab yourself a Screamin’ Good Deal from Australia’s favourite place to shop online - Catch!