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If you’re moving in why not fit it out!?

Just bought your first house? Or maybe you’re finally ready to make some upgrades on a house you’ve lived in for decades. Whatever your situation, Catch has you covered! Save big on all new bathroom fixtures, sinks, shower heads as well as high end kitchen fittings by Cefito! With sinks, faucets and showereheads in a wide variety of styles and colours you’re sure to find the perfect fit to suit your tastes and needs. Although the aesthetic reasons for replacing your bathroom and kitchen fittings are probably strongest, there can also be practical and even health reasons for upgrading your existing kitchen sinks and bathroom cabinets. For instance, if you’ve recently sustained a back injury through work or play, you probably don’t want to constantly have to bend or reach down into a bathroom cabinet to complete your morning routine. This is where something like the Cefito Bathroom Mirror Cabinet comes in. With a natural Melamine veneer finish not only is this vanity nice to look at but it’s also fade resistant, chemically resistant and readily recoatable if needed. As if that weren’t enough it also boasts adjustable shelves adding a layer of customizability that you’re sure to appreciate each time you use it. However if aesthetics are what you’re after then it would be difficult to look past the 8” Rain Shower Head! This WELS approved fitting looks effortlessly cool in any space with it’s brilliant matte black finish and solid brass construction. Simulate the soothing experience of showering in rainfall and never have to fight for the perfect water to temperature balance again!

Cover all of your kitchen needs!

Sometimes you just want a little more from your kitchen. Whether that’s new and improved fixtures or something to improve the overall functionality of your food prepping/cooking space. Gathering ingredients, preparing them and then actually cooking a meal is always a little bit of a pain in the neck but the rewards of delicious home cooked food always make the effort worth it. Making your kitchen more user friendly can make a world of difference and in some cases even cut down on time spent in the kitchen. That’s where something like the Cefito granite top Kitchen sink comes in. Being composed of 80% black granite not only is this dual sink system aesthetically pleasing but it’s also incredibly durable. Upgrading your kitchen with appliances and fixtures that have clean designs and even cleaner prices will guarantee that your kitchen produces nothing but clean food! Whether you’re doing a bit of kitchen reno to your lived in space or maybe you’re just starting out a new home, Catch has you covered! Shop Cefito kitchen and bathroom fixtures at unbeatable prices! Get exactly what you’re after and get it delivered straight to your door at Catch!