Clinique creates premium, personalised, powerful beauty products

Founded in 1968 under the Estee Lauder brand, Clinique was the first innovative skincare brand to suggest that beautiful skin can be created. The company was one of the first to produce dermatologically-developed skincare and makeup products which were able to solve and prevent any and all skin concerns and conditions. Over 50 years in the cosmetics industry working with professional dermatologists has resulted in a leading brand which provides solutions to skin concerns of people all around the world.

Find the product that is made for you/h2>

Clinique products are formulated with ingredients to target specific skin concerns and leave you feeling your best! All products are free from parabens, phthalates and fragrance ensuring the formula is nothing but good stuff for your skin. Ingredients may include aren’t limited to Alpha Hydroxy Acids for removing dead skin cells, activated aloe water for moisturiser and Gyokuro green tea to reduce redness and inflammation. Whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin, dark circles or wrinkles, acne or redness you will be able to find a Clinique product at Catch to help you and at a discounted price!

Perfect your skincare routine for perfect skin

With the Clinique sale at Catch, now is the perfect time to build a skincare routine to solve all your skin problems. Find the perfect Clinique cleanser to wash the day away, follow-up with an exfoliator such as the Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream to remove dead skin and unblock pores and complete with moisturiser to provide optimal hydration. You are then ready to head with gorgeous skin, or even follow with Clinique’s leading range of makeup including eyeshadow, blush and mascara to feel your absolute best!