Cole & Mason

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For over 6 decades, Cole & Mason has designed and delivered amazing kitchenware and cookware products. Founded in 1919, this brand is one of the most well known for its salt and pepper mills to enhance your kitchen’s look. You can also choose from a variety of Salt and Pepper Mills in a gift set - like the Cole & Mason Salt and Pepper Mill Bobbi Gift Set - for someone who loves to cook or upgrade their kitchen. Check out amazing deals on Cole & Mason online at Catch - home to all the big brands. Welcome to Catch!

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Cole & Mason believes in using exotic ingredients to take your cooking to a whole new level. From the way it feels to how it looks in the kitchen or the table, Cole & Mason cookware delivers superior performance every time. Check out the Cole & Mason Inverta - a beautifully copper designed pair with Cole & Mason Inverta Horsham Pepper Mill. Browse through more Cole & Mason products at Catch and add to your cart today. Buy everything you want and anything you need at Catch!