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Copic: The world's favourite artist's marker

With 358 incredible colours to choose from, it’s no wonder Copic markers have been favoured by creatives around the world for more than 25 years. Ideal for illustration, design and everything in between, all Copic markers are refillable, and available in range of sizes to suit your every artistic need. Buy Copic markers with Catch today to save on a huge selection of top quality art products!

A marker for all occasions

Copic offers four different types of markers, including Sketch, Classic, Ciao and Wide, plus 10 different nibs, Copic marker refills and a unique air-brushing system. Whether you’re drafting an intricate floorplan or shading a colourful fashion sketch, Copic has the tools you need to get the job done well. Boasting individually handmade brush nibs, Copic markers are comfortable creating fine lines, thick lines and everything in between. Thanks to alcohol-based inks, they’re suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including paper, fabric, wood and glass. Perhaps most importantly though, Copic markers boast a unique square body design, which means no more rolling off the table!

Shop individual pens, sets and more

Here on Catch we often stock a great range of Copic markers, Doodle Kits, Colouring Book Packs and Sketch Sets. Whether you’re after that one special colour to complete your kit, or a multi-pack to really boost your stationery collection, simply add to cart, pay and go! Best of all, you can get your brand new Copic gear delivered straight to your door! If you find one of your Copic marker’s ink is running low, there’s no need to ditch it. Copic Various Inks are a quick and economical way to refill your Copic markers – one bottle is enough to refill a marker up to 15 times! Simply dab the ink directly onto the nib for an instant colour refresh.

Let your creative juices flow with Copic today!

For a colourful range of cheap Copic markers, look no further than Catch of the Day. From Coral Sea, to Eggplant, and Burnt Sienna, you’ll find every shade you need to keep your creative juices flowing!