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There’s not much in this world that tops grabbing an ice cold corona out of the fridge, kicking back and relaxing on a summer’s day. Well, any day really. Although Corona originated in Chicago, it’s undoubtedly become a favourite among countless Aussies! Maybe that’s because Corona has been all about enjoying the surf, sun and kicking it with mates - 3 things the Down Under truly embodies. The refreshing flavour of Corona beer simply cannot be matched, especially when complemented guessed it, a lime wedge. We know how much Corona beer has become imbedded into Aussie culture, so we want to share the good vibes! Our Corona beer sale is something you don’t want to miss. Why not stock up on Corona 6 packs, Corona Ligera 24 packs or the classic Corona extra for at unbeatable prices? Simply pop em into your cart, checkout, and you’ll have beer delivered to your doorstep before you know it!

It’s Fresh, It’s Crisp, It’s Corona!

Corona beer on sale? You better believe it! Corona don’t have a myriad of different varieties like some other brands, but that just means more time can be spent ensuring the 3 they do have are the best possible quality. Corona Extra is the classic - an easy-to-enjoy, approachable beer that bottles the flavour of Mexican heritage. The you’ve got Corona Ligera, a mid-strength beer with subtle malt and hop notes. Lastly, the Corona Coronita - the little brother to Extra. The 210ml bottle makes for a compact, quick refresher. You can find these thirst-quenching, joy-promoting bottles of goodness online at Catch today. If you want to take your Corona commitment to the next level, we recommend checking out the 15L cooler, decked out in Corona colours and branding. Keep your bevs cold and let the good times roll! Welcome to Catch - the home of Screamin’ Good Deals.