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    Deacon Apparel at Discounted Prices - Deacon Jackets and Shirts on SALE

    Aussie fashion means sophisticated and trendy shirts, reliable jackets, and stylish tees...also known as Deacon apparel!

    Deacon menswear is all that you need this year! Every season is covered with their thorough range of fashionable and relaxed clothing. The weathers cooling...are you ready? Whether you need a relaxed stylish shirt for those summer days, or a reliable Deacon jacket for the sporadic evening chills, Deacons got you covered! Explore the exciting range of sophisticated and stylish Deacon menswear at Catch. With smart and stylish shirts such as the popular Deacon Jensen Check Shirt you can’t go wrong! Or perhaps you’d prefer a short sleeved, casual but just as trendy shirt such as Deacon Men's Aveline Tee. Understandably popular, with a relaxed breathable cotton composition, it makes your casual wear have that extra touch of style and comfort.

    Shirts like the Deacon Men's Vivid Long Sleeve Stretch Shirt speak of relaxed poolside drinks and laidback adventures, while Deacon jackets like the Deacon Men's Volatile Jacket in Khaki offer reliable cover for those pesky chilly weather surprises as evening hits. While weather can be unpredictable (especially in Melbourne), one thing we can be sure of is that with Deacon menswear, you’re bound to find your new favourite seasonal apparel!

    Deacon apparel features a history inspired by urban style

    An Aussie company, Deacons menswear fashion features ranges inspired by urban Japan. The contemporary styles are bound to be your wardrobe favourites for both comfort and style. Young yet mature. Stylish but casual. An exciting and artful juxtaposition in fashion, Deacon is bound to be your favourite go to brand! These are not your fast fashion replaceable pieces but feature high quality apparel materials ranging from wool to cotton and more! Deacons signature style is based on a symbiosis of quality and trendy looks.

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    You'll look like you just stepped off your Bahamas jet setting adventure when dressed in the trendy and sophisticated Deacon range. Or perhaps you’re just going for lunch and a pint on Thursdays work break. The Deacon style never stops... Leave it all to Catch with our guaranteed delivery straight to your door! So take advantage of our Screamin’ Good Deals, place an order and then sit back and relax getting ready to start dreaming about your next exciting outing in your new comfortable Deacon apparel!