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Nothing’s better than coming home to your comfortable and cosy bed after a long day of work or classes. Your bed should be your sanctuary, your safe space. If it isn’t, let us help you. Check out Dreamz here at Catch. With delivery straight to your door, online shopping has never been better. Not only that, Dreamz products are at prices you won’t believe! You won’t find these prices anywhere else. Whether you’re searching for quilts or fleece blankets, Dreamz is your best bet when it comes to comfort.

Buy Weighted Blankets on SALE

Weighted blankets should be essential for a good night’s rest. They’re known to combat stress, alleviate restless leg syndrome, improve sleep and more! Weighted blankets also emulate the feeling of being hugged. So if you miss being in the arms of a loved one, weighted blankets will give you the same feeling! Lucky for you, we’ve got a bunch of Dreamz weighted blankets in stock online at Catch. Available in a multitude of colours and weights, you’re bound to find something that gives you the feeling you’re longing for. Have a browse through our selection of weighted blankets today!

Shop Dreamz Bedding for LESS

Snuggle up with your loved one in a duck feather quilt from Dreamz. We have a ton of quilts on sale here at Catch. Whether you’re looking for a duck feather quilt or one made of bamboo fibre, we have it all. Cuddle under a soft and cosy throw with a Dreamz fleece blanket. Ever considered spending a bit of money on a mattress protector? Not only will it add extra comfort to your bed, a waterproof mattress protector will prevent dust mites and bacteria from breeding inside the mattress, as well as protects against any stains and spills. Pair your mattress protector with a Dreamz bamboo sheet set. Available in a ton of colours and sizes, bamboo sheets are resistant against bacteria, so they’re great for anyone that suffers from respiratory illness or skin allergies. Get your hands on bamboo sheets, duck feather quilts and more online today!