Eagle Creek

Fit it all in with Eagle Creek

Coming home from a well earned holiday isn’t the time for an unexpected hassel. The spirited holiday shopper is especially guilty of the following issue - lack of space coming home! You can always buy more weight for your luggage at the airport, but physical space is often limited! Thats where Eagle Creek and compression packing come in. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Cube is made for the organised traveller. Lightweight and with an ultra-durable weatherproof shell, the Compression Cube Set works with a strong compression zipper to flatten out the cube and cut down on excess air. So before you head on that next journey overseas, organise yourself and your luggage. Make sure to stop by and shop at Catch for some Eagle Creek gear. 100% online, so we can ship your travel gear right to your door!

Lock it up - Keep your stuff secured

Losing your stuff in another country can be truly heartbreaking. Don’t get stuck overseas with no clothes or worse, left abroad without your ticket home. Secure your gear when you’re not around with the Eagle Creek Ultralight TSA Lock. This particular lock features a 3-dial combination and is TSA approved, allowing them to inspect and relock your bag without damaging it. Nothing beats constant eye-contact for keeping your stuff secure, but for the times you need to leave your bag alone, have peace of mind with an Eagle Creek lock. The best place to get Eagle Creek Locks and other travel gear, is right here at Catch, The home of Screamin’ Good Deals. With delivery Australia wide, let Catch do the work, sit back and wait for your gear to be dropped right at your door.

Find your unknown

Eagle Creek has been around for more than 40 years and in that time they’ve learned a thing or two about traveling. Their insights, tips and tricks have been woven into its range of gear. Long distance flights are uncomfortable experiences, even for the most easy-going traveller. That's why the Eagle Creek Easy Blink Eye Shade and the 2-in-1 Travel Pillow are just some examples of travel necessities born through this experience. They’re just essential. Eagle creek know travel comfort is important and Catch know good prices are important. So grab your Eagle Creek at Catch now for great sales and delivery from coast to coast.