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    Everloc: The leaders in bathroom products

    Everloc offers a wide range of gorgeous bathroom accessories made to fit each and every home. From towel rails to baskets, hooks, shelves and so much more, Everloc products are made to make your life that much more stress-free, by decluttering your bathroom and letting you organize your essential bathroom products the way you want them to be. Not only are they practical, Everloc products give your bathroom a touch of subtle style, with gorgeous chrome looks and simple designs. Grab your Everloc bathroom accessories today at Catch!

    Stay organized in style!

    The Everloc Solutions Endure Double Corner Basket is a super strong bathroom organizer, with up to 15 kg carrying capacity and loads of space for your products. Made with rust-resistant stainless steel and easy to clean, this bathroom fitting and basket is the perfect thing to organize your essentials with ease. No drilling, screwing or tools required, this corner basket ensures your walls stay spotless too!

    Don’t let mirror-fog get in your way!

    The Everloc Solutions Anti-Fog Mirror is a super stylish Chrome mirror that fits onto any wall with ease. Not just that, this mirror lets you get ready in the mornings without the dreaded mirror fog! The dual-action silicone suction system makes it easy to stick onto an existing wall mirror or wall. Absolutely ideal for every bathroom and now available at Catch at a price you won’t believe, you can grab your very own online now!

    Check out your new bathroom accessories at Catch!

    Isn’t it about time you revamped your bathroom? Now’s your chance! With Catch’s awesome variety and amazing prices, you can grab some screamin’ good deals on Everloc bathroom accessories, amazing homewares and so much more!