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Fitbit: tech that gets you fitter than ever

In 2007, Fitbit was born and changed the way we move, forever. Fitbit’s wireless technology lets users experience fitness and health to whole new levels. With high-tech wearable wristbands and watches that track a myriad of things from heart rate to number of steps, great fitness has never been more accessible. With super user-friendly software that’s connected to your Fitbit you can track, monitor and tweak your progress in and out of the gym. No matter how you train, you can quantify your hard work and get the most in-depth view into your ongoing progress. When you can see exactly how hard you work for your goals, your motivation skyrockets. Fitbit makes this happen and helps feed your love for fitness. At Catch of the Day, you can explore a whole range of Fitbit watches and trackers at slashed prices. With such awesome variety and value, you won’t have to go anywhere else.

Highly functional and super stylish

Fitbits not only work great, they feel and look amazing. With super lightweight frames and comfortable materials, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing one. Fitbits come in a variety of styles and colours so you can pick one that’s right for you. Go for the subtle sleek Charge HR with a compact mini screen, or the minimalistic Flex 2 that goes great with evening and office wear. Fitbits aren’t just meant for during exercise; these gadgets are a great accessory for all-day use and give you awesome insights into your everyday routines, like how active you’ve been and how many calories you’ve torched on your 9 to 5 grind.

Take your fitness to the next level

Fitbit tracks your movement, sleep, heart rate and so much more. With such a massively versatile gadget that fits snugly on your wrist, you can take your health and fitness to new heights and understand exactly how much you’re doing and what you need to do to improve. You can easily reach your targets day to day and smash personal records in the gym with Fitbit’s easy to use software that helps you track and analyse your progress with the click of a button.

Isn’t it about time you achieved your fitness goals?

Grab your favourite Fitbit today, make some new goals for yourself and get ready to go above and beyond. With such epic prices and great variety, you won’t need to go anywhere else but Catch of the Day. Shop a range of cheap Fitbit trackers and watches online now at Catch!