Four Pillars

Four Pillars Gin For Less! Get Your Gin on Today

Looking for Gin that’s distilled, bottled and sold right here in the Down Under? The Four Pillars is the way to go. The 2019 International Gin Producer of the Year winner has a unique selection of gins that’ll have you wondering where Four Pillars has been your entire life! Check out the Four Pillars Shiraz Gin for example, offering a beautiful balance of sweetness and nice tannins of the finish. With an ABV of 37.8%, it sure does pack a punch, making it perfect for cocktails. Enjoy it fresh or let it sit and develop over the months, the choice is yours! If Shiraz isn’t really your thing, then why not go for the Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin? According to the brains behind the beverage, they “decided to add fresh 'Judy's Everbearing' native finger limes in the botanical basket, with some fresh ginger instead of our beautiful organic oranges, giving our Navy Strength Gin its signature power and intensity”. And trust us, it tastes just as good as it sounds, if not better. You can find these + more Gin from the Four Pillars Distillery, here at Catch! Welcome to Australia’s biggest online superstore.

Four Pillars Gin - Proudly Made in Australia

Four Pillars is only a baby compared to other gin distillers like Beefeater, Plymouth and Gordon’s. But just because it hasn’t been in the game for decades, it doesn’t mean quality is lacking. In fact, the quality of Four Pillars Gin is just one of the many reasons why this Australian-born brand has become a highly-respected name in the space of just a few years! The Four Pillars Shiraz Gin, Christmas Gin along with other favourites like Navy Strength are the creations of founders Cameron Mackenzie, Matt Jones and Stuart Gregor. Back in 2013, they couldn’t contain their passion for Gin, which resulted in them embarking on a journey to the US West Coast to first-handedly learn about distilling techniques and equipment. Fast forward to today and Four Pillars is producing approximately 100,000 cases annually. Having been awarded multiple gold medals international spirits competitions, there’s no denying the quality. If Four Pillars sounds like your cup of tea (or glass of gin rather), why not grab a bottle right here at Catch? With delivery straight to your door, the most affordable and convenient shopping experience awaits you!