Feel like a superhero under your clothes with Freegun’s fun range of underwear

May the force be with your stylish fashion taste! Freegun gives you the coolest and most comfortable underwear in a range of exciting styles. Whether you're the biggest Star Wars fan or Batman is your role model, you can pay homage to them by wearing Star Wars Microfibre Boxers or the DC Batman Microfiber Knickers. With FreeGun’s superhero boxers, knickers and kids underwear, the whole family can be ready to fight crime in style! Or you can wear your Superman Cotton boxers and feel like Superman in your office booth as you keep your superhero identity secret. No one around you will know...but you’ll know...and that’s what’s important. Feel more like a superhero every day with these awesome briefs. Just like the legacy of these superheros, the quality undergarments Freegun produces are made to last. With their lasting and inspiring legacy you can’t go wrong! If pop culture underwear is not to your taste, fear not! Freegun also has classically beautiful underwear, as seen in the Miss Freegun Boxer Set Grey Flower set that features ethereal butterflies and beautiful flowers. You’ll feel like a botanical princess!

Freegun Equals Quality and Passion

Freegun underwear is part of the Textiss group and is a leader in France for fancy boxers and briefs. Freegun was created in 2007 by passionate designers with professional quality in the textiles sector. First starting with mens boxers, it strove to bring a colourful and exciting attitude to underwear as it experimented with fun patterns and adopted lifestyles and relatable figures its customers would love! Embellished with these favourite characters, Freegun Underwear has turned into a fashion passion. Proudly wear your awesome underwear, for as Freegun states ‘our weapons are our underpants!’ With optimal comfort and reliable support, rest assured that you’re investing in quality.

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