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Gardeon outdoor living on sale now at Catch!

Looking to upgrade your old, daggy, outdoor furniture set? Or maybe you’ve just moved in and need to add a bit of contemporary styling to your outdoor setting? Look no further! Catch has you covered with stunning and sturdy outdoor furniture by Gardeon! Whether you’re after a modern wicker look, timeless timbre or just need some extra outdoor storage, you can now grab showroom ready furniture for your home! Gardeon outdoor living is regarded for producing stunningly sturdy pieces with sleek modern designs to match! The brand prides themselves on their ability to manufacture pieces using only the highest quality materials. For instance take the Adirondack outdoor chair setting which is made from 100% Canadian Fir wood. Fir is notable for its strength and dimensional stability as well as its natural resistance to rot and pestsThe logs used to make the furniture are carefully picked, the best portions of the centre logs are the only ones used.. Not only does this make Gardeon outdoor furniture a perfect choice for stability and longevity but also a fine design choice that’s bound to seamlessly blend with your existing decor. Grab an unbeatable deal across the massive range of Gardeon outdoor living products! Get it online and delivered straight to your door at Catch!

Live the outdoor life!

Stylish yet affordable, whether it’s a festive outdoor dinner or bbq party or just a low key gathering, you’re sure to find a piece to suit any occasion. The right outdoor furniture setting will not not only bring comfort and functionality to your space but should also provide solid aesthetics and pieces with a purpose. The trick to buying the right outdoor furniture is to be realistic with the space you have. What some may call a backyard, others will say a patch of grass. Dreaming of that insta-worthy minimalist outdoor space with a pool complimented by massive shady trees won’t serve you well if you only possess a modest sized backyard. Having said that, you can still get creative and bring out the best in any size space by choosing the right complimentary furniture. You can make the most of your outdoor space by choosing furniture that is functional and versatile. This is where something like the Gardeon outdoor 6pc sofa lounge comes in. Modular outdoor lounges are always a smart purchase as they offer versatility by allowing you to configure the setting perfectly to your space. Shop online and enjoy the savings across the huge range of modern and classically styled Gardeon outdoor furniture! Skip the cue in the big department stores by getting exactly what you need online and getting delivered straight to your door at Catch!