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Global 7-Piece Zeitaku Knife Block Set
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Make a Global knife block set yours today!

The Global chef knife set you’ve been dreaming of could be all yours in just a few clicks! But when it comes to knives, we all know that high-quality ones can get prohibitively expensive. But that’s certainly not the case when you shop at Catch! We offer an eclectic mix of Global knife block sets at ripper prices, to ensure you’re always getting a Screamin’ Good Deal.

I think we’ve all encountered a time when our knife just doesn’t want to cooperate. It’s old, it’s blunt, and even cutting through something as soft as a tomato is a major challenge. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to that incompetent piece of not-so-sharp metal, and say hello to a Global chef knife! The razor sharp edge of a Global chef knife will make all the chopping up in the kitchen a million times more enjoyable, and a million times less annoying.

There’s just something super satisfying about slicing through some veggies with ease. And trust us - once you get your hands on a Global chef knife, you’ll wonder why you didn’t grab the whole Global knife block set! With food prep and cooking being an everyday thing for many of us, it only makes sense to invest in a knife that’s going to stand the time of time. And trust us when we say, the Global chef knife is in it for the long haul.

So check out the Global chef knife and knife block sale, right here at Australia’s favourite place to shop online! Channel your inner masterchef with the Global knife kitchen set! You’ll be slicing and dicing with speed and ease with a set of these quality stainless steel knives from this renowned brand. Let us fill you in on what we’ve got on offer at the Catch Global chef knife sale. For all the single-knife seekers out there, you’ve got a wide selection to choose from. Not too big nor too small, the Global Sai Santoku 18cm Knife is a very versatile knife that everyone needs in their kitchen.

If you’re after a couple more, then the Global 3 piece knife set is the way to go. Featuring a 9cm paring knife, 13cm cooks knife and a 20cm fluted cooks knife, this trio will make a wonderful gift; for a friend, family member, or even for yourself! And if you really want the whole package, the 7-piece Hiro Shiro Global knife block set will no doubt meet the culinary needs of any home cook or seasoned professional. Plus the Global knife block to store your knives in looks absolutely spectacular.

Choose from a matte black or a shiny pearl white; whichever suits your kitchen interior. Also, did you know that Global doesn’t only do knives? For a cutting board to put that brand new Global chef knife to use, check out the Walnut and Maple prep boards! And when it comes to serving that delicious-looking salad you prepared using your Global chef knife (wink wink), the 18cm Cookie Tongs will definitely come in handy. Here at Catch, you can explore a huge range of awesome kitchenware, cooking supplies and more.

To top it all off, we’ll deliver your goods straight to your door! Happy shopping.

From its humble beginnings in 1985, this Japanese brand was determined to introduce the highest quality knives on the market. Mino Tsuchida, now known as ‘Mr. Global’ is the man behind the magic of these rust, stain, corrosion resistant knives. Crafted from just a single piece of the finest high carbon stainless steel, Global knives symbolise the combination of simplicity, quality and durability. Creating knives to meet the most demanding environments, Global is a world leader in knives fit for the professional kitchen and home alike. Forged through Samurai tradition and crafted with unique ergonomic feel, Global knives are sought after the world over and give you an experience that’s a cut above the rest.

Global knives are easy to handle, exceptionally comfortable and meet the needs of each and every person; from amateur cooks to top-class chefs. The small Peeling Knife is perfect for intricate work, the Chef’s Knife is made for more sturdy rock-chopping, and the large Meat Chopper for separating those tough cuts, Global knives are made to fit all demands. The sleek design and smooth contours made possible by stainless steel, these high-performance knives are a true kitchen staple. So what are you waiting for? Browse the range at Catch today and create culinary magic with Global!