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Games, Set, Match!

It’s match point of a 4 hour epic between you and your tennis rival. Tensions are running high and racquet strings are strained tight. You steady yourself, strike your serve down the line, passing your foe, for the ace and the winner. The crowd erupts into cheers and you fall to the floor exhausted and in pure bliss. A tennis master, your racquet and you have become one. The racquet, an extension of your body. Whether you're a seasoned tennis pro or just starting your journey, Catch has a wide array of Head racquets for you. From juniors to adults, swing in and shop online for a tennis racquet now. Our favourite is the Adult Head MX Attitude Pro Black Tennis Racquet, This racquet will make sure your first steps onto the court won’t be your last. It comes pre-strung meaning your can hit the courts as soon as it arrives at your door. Made for playing - check out the Head racquet range for less right here at Catch.

Get the most out of training with HEAD

Practicing your tennis swing can be hard with only a couple of balls and no place to store them. Having to collect yours balls after every point from the back of the fence or the other court can be a workout in itself. Save your time and energy by having a centralised place to store you balls. Train like a pro with the Head Trolley Travel Cart Bag Basket. Fill it with up to 120 tennis balls for a mobile solution to organise your court. Set it up on the baseline to practice serve after serve or at the net to feed balls to a friend and have them work on their shot. If your running low on tennis balls make sure to fill your trolley with Head tennis balls. Get the Head Team Ball Pack, 4 packs of 4 for 16 regular game size balls, perfect for any surface. Grab yourself an awesome deal on Head today and save!

Ace your style on and off the court

Make a fashion statement on the court of your next tennis game with an array of Head clothing and gear. Off the court be seen in Head gear, perfect for the sporty looking tennis professional. Channel your inner Novak Djokovic, deck yourself with Head from top to bottom. Don’t sweat it with the 2pc Head 5" Cotton Wristband Sweatband. Wristbands are perfect for the tennis player with the sweatist of palms. Designed to absorb moisture and wick away sweat, don’t lose focus on the game because you can’t hold onto your racquet! If storage is an issue, try the Head Tour Team 31" Extreme 9R Supercombi Shoulder Bag. Built to carry up to 9 frames and gear, this bag has the added flexibility of being a backpack or shoulder bag. Enjoy your next outing on the court with our massive savings on Head equipment - right here at Catch. 100% online with delivery right to your door!